Struggling to connect with your spouse? Follow these tips.

You dated, you got married, years passed by and now it’s the usual. You don’t skip a heartbeat any more when you see them, you don’t feel the same vibe when you are around them, basically, you have lost the connect. Well it happens, it happens to all of us. When you are in a relationship for a long time, there comes a time that is involuntary where you start feeling lonely and disconnected.

Sometimes, responsibility takes over!

Marriage is a commitment, a promise, a responsibility and as time passes the responsibility takes over the love. You get stuck on the graph of life, earning a lifestyle that ultimately loosens the grip of affection that makes you feel disconnected.

We live in a world where everyone wants to stand first, and subconsciously we all become a part of the rat race in the midst of which our personal lives take a back seat. The loneliness hails, stress surrounds and your mental health goes for a toss, but you still don’t know how to run back to your partner and find the long-desired peace. Well, don’t worry, here are a few tips for a starter.

5 Ways to stay connected to your partner

Take out time from your busy schedule

When you finally start living a life that you have always dreamt of, you tend to sideline a lot of things including your partner. But believe me over time you will start feeling the loneliness and your dreams will take a toll on you. Irrespective of how much you love your job, after a long working day, it’s your partner’s arms that puts you off to sleep.

Analyze your daily routine and reschedule some meetings. Now fix a meeting with your partner, laugh together, and rebuild the lost spark.

Thank your partner every once in a while

It’s basic, but you have no idea how these small gestures can put a smile on your partner’s face. When the days are rough, and he makes you a warm cup of coffee, and she keeps your favourite breakfast ready – a ‘thank you’ with the love flowing in your eyes would reciprocate the appreciation.

If you are bad at expressing drop a small note for your partner and stick it on the fridge door, or maybe on the cupboard drawer or anywhere else that’s in their daily routine. Just see the smile on his/her face when you get back home, I guarantee it is going to be worth everything.

Don’t expect them to mind-read

More often than not, the unrealistic expectations lead to negative communication, arguments, and disputes. Your partner loves you, and sure as well understands you but you can’t just expect them to comprehend what’s going on with you with the look of an eye.

Initiate conversations and discuss everything that’s been bothering you, learn a few tips on clear communication and employ them in your relationship. It’s sure to keep you closer to your spouse.

Don’t shy away from discussing sexual problems

Let’s just admit it, sex is one of the most integral aspects of your relationship. But if you are too shy to discuss it, you are doing it wrong.

A lot of men suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation that gives rise to inferior complexity and sexual trauma. In such a situation, they should look out for the best ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation. On the other hand, women try to fake orgasms to imbibe the sense of contentment among men. However, if the doors of communication between you both aren’t unlocked to discuss issues like these, how would you find a solution?

Go on a date, at least bi-monthly

Once you guys are married, it gets a bit awkward to ask your partner for a date. But we all love the butterflies in our stomach that flicker on the dates.

So, if you want to bring back the lost connection, organize a date for her/him to a new restaurant or a new cafe. Talk about the good old days or your favourite memories when you both were dating, I am sure you will head back home in each other’s arms and an irresistible smile.

Before I wrap up, let me tell you it is very important to keep the spark alive in a relationship irrespective of the number of years you guys have been together. Every relationship has its own set of ups and downs but what matters is the effort to keep up with each other, till the end.