Styling Tricks to Make Your Living Space Airy & Open

How often do you browse ideas for styling your living room on diverse social media platforms to make it look airy and open? Do you do that quite often? How about making introducing some changes and bringing in more light, air, and space? Often a living space is cramped with heavy furniture, heavy rugs, bright colours, and gadgets. The objects take away the charm of the core of your home, inadvertently. 

We have curated the top 10 ideas to help you make your space more spacious, open, and airier. 

  1. Setting the Perfect Lighting

Let the natural light flood inside your room and see how it lights up the interior and makes the room look spacious. If your room lacks it, you can use the lighting fixtures too. You can use window coverings to let in light in your space. If you love to have greenery around, put plants near windows or balconies, and use light lamps to add artificial lighting to space. This is by far considered the best living room ideas by designers, as proper lighting is a significant part of any interior.

     2. Clear the Clutter

Less clutter, airier, and merrier the room makes you feel. Replace the large paintings with smaller ones. Or replace the heavy furniture with light furniture. Scale down on bulky decor and other unnecessary clutter in the room. Keep your space more organized and clean to let in natural air for a beautiful vibe and flow. 

    3. Pick up the Right Fabric

If your room has fabrics like velvet, wool, and other heavy fabrics, it can make your room look over decorated and dull. Swap them for lighter ones like linen or cotton. These fabrics will help in making your small room appear open and bright, more than ever.    

    4. Raise the Curtains High

Say bye to the dark curtains and add fresh drapes. You can switch to german curtains to let in sunlight. You can also try gauzy white drapes to give you an airy, fresh feel, happiness, and optimism in your eyes. 

    5. Change your dark flooring.

A living space with dark flooring or ceilings can often make it appear smaller and cramped. Try adding lighter rugs to an area or decorate with carpet tiles of light colours. The light rugs will make your living space less gloomy and more open. 

   6. Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirror, mirror on the wall! This time it is going to make your room appear large and tall. If positioned rightly, they reflect light to make it appear brighter and open. You can put a mirror near a window or walls or glass table tops in your living space. The mirrors can help light up the room and make it aesthetically pleasing. 

    7. Rearrange the layout

If your furniture is a hindrance to the light or air entering through open space, think of changing the layout. A rearranged layout in your space can do wonders for your cramped room.

    8. Switch to Natural materials

Add furniture and other decor made of natural materials to your living space. Natural elements can make the room appear lighter and environmental-friendly ensuring sustenance in the long run. Bring in the freshness of plants, flowers, and woods. Indulge in lighter shades like pastels to uplift the room interiors and make it more vibrant. 

    9. Swap your Solid Doors

If your room has solid doors that obstruct the fresh air or light, replace them with French doors. The French Doors with transparent glass panels make the room appear spacious. Moreover, you can hang light colours or white curtains to add privacy to the room. 

    10. Paint to the rescue

Want instant lighting in your negative space? Paint the walls with light colour shades or choose a neutral colour palette. The shades can instantly brighten the room with fresh colour splashes around. 

Stop thinking! And give these styling tricks a try to transform your dour living space into a spacious one.