Workplace Health & Safety – How Software Can Help

Businesses in Australia need to comply with guidelines and laws that are in line with Workplace Health & Safety regulations. Australian companies are also obligated to log, record and report incidents to various governing bodies. Not only that, but it’s important for businesses to understand where risks may exist, and also to keep records of injuries and lost time for employees.

There are a number of software programs on the market that are designed to assist businesses in all aspects of compliance and reporting when it comes to WH&S. In this article, we’ll take a look at some key ways that dedicated WHS software can make life easier for your business and ensure a safer and more efficient workplace. 

Fully Understand Your Obligations

You can have software tailor-made to your business or industry. WHS software aligns with all the major standards for Australian industries so you can see, at a glance, what your obligations are and align your business with those rules and obligations.

Once everyone involved fully comprehends what’s required, your workplace will be safer and you eradicate the risk of being fined for non-compliance with the law. It’s better for your workers as well as your business.

Identify Potential Risks Immediately and Take Action

A key component of WHS software is to help business owners and managers identify risks and do something about them before an incident occurs. Prevention is always the best course of action.

With the help of the software, you can identify risks immediately and take preventative action. This is achieved in a number of ways, including the software being linked to registers that offer an overview of accident trends and identify root causes of incidents. With the software armed with this vital information, it can alert you to risks in your own workplace that you were previously unaware of.

The dedicated software will also include sections for incident management, where incidents and root causes can be logged, as well as the system notifying you of any incidents when they occur. Corrective actions will also form a key component of incident management. 

Create a Safer Workplace

Workplace Health & Safety forms a part of your business’s overall risk management. No business is without risk, whether it be the potential for financial losses or actual physical injury. With a risk management plan in place and software to help monitor and reduce risks, your business naturally becomes a much safer place to work.

Employees will have more confidence going about their daily tasks, productivity will be increased and cases of compensation for workplace injuries will be reduced.

Overall, it’s a win-win situation all around. 

Full Reporting Functionality

Everything is logged into the risk management software and stored in a database. Information can be retrieved and reports compiled at the click of a mouse or touch of a button. You can create any type of report required.

Data analytics is also a part of the software, so managers can monitor risks, business operations and procedures, compliance with the laws governing your industry and gain a better understanding of what poses a potential risk in your workplace. 

Mobile Apps for WH&S Software

Whether you’re the business owner, one of the management team or a dedicated risk manager, with a mobile app, you can still monitor your business while on the go. This gives you peace of mind that your business is being taken care of, even when away from the workplace.

Link To Registers To Report Incidents

Any incidents in the workplace can be recorded and reported via the software by linking to all the necessary registers. Reports can be compiled within mere minutes, rather than taking hours each quarter. Having dedicated software not only simplifies the process but also saves loads of time as well.

The software will feature registers for everything you need to monitor, analyse and manage risks in the workplace. 

The Takeaway

There is a huge focus on Workplace Health & Safety in Australia, so it’s vital that every business understands what’s required, complies with the laws governing their industry and promptly reports any incidents when they occur.

WHS and risk management software makes life so much easier, particularly for medium to large-sized businesses and corporations. It’s something every business owner should look into and well worth the investment.