CBD Toothpicks

THC & CBD Toothpicks – Are You Missing out?

THC & CBD Toothpicks

There is a multitude of wonderful, weird, and wacky wants to consume CBD. Not all of them are based on sound science, and often have the feel of being marketing gimmicks. There are CBD clothes, pillows, and mascara! Whether these forms of consumption are effective is open to debate.

Other innovative examples, such as CBD toothpicks, seem to have a more logical basis. When you chew or suck them, the flavor and CBD get released into the mouth. Then, it is absorbed into the system via the mucosal membrane.

In recent times, notable celebrities such as Colin Farrell, Tom Hardy, and Brad Pitt have all been spotted with CBD-infused toothpicks. So, are they just another fad, or are they potentially useful? Let’s find out.

First of All – How Do I Use a CBD Toothpick?

It is marketed as a convenient and effective method of consuming cannabidiol. They are also a fast and discreet option if you are still concerned about the stigma attached to using the compound. Using a CBD toothpick is incredibly easy. Take the pick and suck on each end for around five minutes to receive up to 45 minutes’ worth of effects.

When you moisten the pick, chew it slightly to put a tooth imprint into it. This process should help release the remainder of the ingredients and flavor. The signature ingredient is usually spilanthol, which provides a tingling sensation and boosts absorption via salivation.

How Do CBD Toothpicks Work?

As they are effectively regular toothpicks infused with CBD, they are an ideal option if you already use picks. They work because of the process of sublingual absorption. The cannabinoids journey to the bloodstream via the sublingual cavity tissues. The spilanthes are an essential component because they produce saliva. The more you create, the faster a CBD toothpick theoretically works.

One of the main benefits of sublingual consumption is that the absorption process bypasses the digestive system, and doesn’t become subject to metabolization by the liver. This metabolization is the unfortunate fate of orally consumed products. Estimates vary, but most experts believe the bioavailability rate of oral consumption is between 4% and 20% 

In contrast, sublingual consumption could have an absorption rate of above 30%. It also ensures that you feel any possible effects of the CBD toothpick faster than if you use CBD gummies, for example.

Are There Any Other CBD Toothpick Benefits?

Potentially. One old study from 1976 suggested that CBD could effectively suppress streptococci and staphylococci bacteria. Fortunately, there is also up-to-date evidence! Botanix Pharmaceuticals, in concert with Queensland University researchers, tested synthetic CBD on the bacteria mentioned above.

They described the results at an American Society for Microbiology meeting in 2019. According to the data, the synthetic CBD used was as effective as antibiotics against streptococci and staphylococci bacteria.

In case you were wondering, these nasty bacteria are responsible for strep throat and staph infections. Strep throat is an infection that impacts the mouth, throat, and nearby systems. Therefore, CBD toothpicks are potentially useful as a means of reducing the risk.

News on CBD’s potential antibacterial benefits is timely. The growth of ‘superbugs’ that are resistant to antibiotics is a genuine cause for concern. The CDC claims that up to two million Americans are infected with such bugs annually. Tragically, this process results in around 23,000 deaths per annum.

A study published in the Journal of Natural Products in August 2008 looked at the effects of CBD on six superbugs. The researchers also looked at how four other compounds: CBG, CBC, THC, and CBN, worked. While traditional antibiotics had a minimal positive impact, the five cannabinoids all had a significant effect on three particular bugs. One theory is that the marijuana plant has evolved to possess bacterial defenses of its own.

While the research above is exciting, we need to see more scientific evidence before making any concrete claims.

Where Can I Find CBD Toothpicks?

While it is a relatively new product, there is already a multitude of brands leading the way. One of the top-rated brands that sell CBD toothpicks is PureKana. It sells its ‘Pure Picks’ in ten delicious flavors. They include: 

  • Cinnamint
  • Churro
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Caramel Apple
  • Orange Buzz

You will find ten Pure Picks in every pack, and each one contains a generous helping of 25mg CBD. Aside from the hemp oil and spilanthes, PureKana’s CBD toothpick range also has natural flavors, xylitol, and a couple of other ingredients.

Using one is as simple as placing it in your mouth and sucking on it for up to 10 minutes. This process will help ‘soften’ the pick and facilitate the release of the CBD. The potential effects will vary depending on the user, but you may experience up to 45 minutes of CBD release. CBD toothpicks are a great ‘on the go’ option, so check out the PureKana Pure Pick range today.