What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil & E-Liquids?


The level of confusion in the CBD industry is rampant. We have now reached the stage where consumers must research everything, or risk falling for the misinformation widely found online.

For example, there are still websites that suggest CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. In reality, the U.S. Federal Government has not approved the cannabinoid, barring a synthetic version. 

Another mistruth is the suggestion that CBD is non-psychoactive. As it affects the body and mind, it is very much psychoactive! What these sites should say is that CBD is non-intoxicating, because it doesn’t lead to an intoxicating high. 

Therefore, even finding out information on the difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil isn’t as straightforward as it should be. However, we have performed the research and provide a clear explanation in this article. 

How Does CBD Oil Differ from CBD Vape Oil?

The simple answer is that CBD vape juice is designed for use in a vaporizer, and CBD oil is not. CBD oil remains the most popular cannabidiol product, but that is primarily because it was #1 for a long time. It had a massive lead on the rest of the industry, but products such as edibles, topicals, and vape oil are catching up fast.

 The most popular method of consuming CBD oil involves placing it under the tongue and holding it for up to 90 seconds. This is known as sublingual consumption, and it has a higher absorption rate than orally consumed products such as edibles. You can use CBD oil orally by placing it in food or beverages.

 What you can’t do with CBD oil is vaporize it. It is too thick to be vaporized in the coil of a vape pen. If you try it, all that will happen is that your vaporizer gets clogged and you have to clean it out.

 You need CBD vape juice if you want to use a vape pen. This is because it contains a thinning agent that enables the liquid to pass through the coil. There is a wide variety of thinning agents on the market, including VG, PG, PEG 400, MCT oil. Some brands even claim they only use hemp extract and terpenes in their CBD vape juice!

 As an aside, it is technically incorrect to label these products as ‘CBD vape oil.’ Remember, an oily substance is generally too thick for you to vaporize. If you try to vape CBD oil, you will likely get an awful taste for your troubles, and minimal CBD. However, there are possible dangers when you misuse CBD vape juice or choose the wrong brand.

 The Dangers of CBD Vape Juice

Don’t even think about swallowing CBD vape juice straight from the bottle. Some manufacturers also tell you to seek medical advice if you drink it. The thinning agents such as vegetable glycol and propylene glycol become a vapor of sorts when heated, and you can safely inhale. Consuming it in liquid form is asking for trouble, even though PG is actually deemed safe for inclusion in foods.

 An even bigger potential problem with CBD vape oil is if you purchase it from a disreputable brand. You can avoid this by using a tried and trusted company in the industry. You will know these organizations because they have hundreds, if not thousands, of customer reviews. They also offer third-party lab reports and tend to use supercritical CO2 extraction.

 In general, brands use MCT oil, VG, and PG as their thinning agents of choice. However, some companies use polyethylene glycol (PEG 400), which can break down into carcinogenic compounds like formaldehyde at high temperatures. You will also increase the risk of adverse effects, such as respiratory complications, asthma, and allergic reactions.

Another thing to consider when using CBD vape juice is the presence of cuticle wax. This fatty outer layer of lipids covers the surface of hemp and cannabis flowering plants. When you smoke weed, the wax layer gets burned away. However, when you vaporize hemp or cannabis products, the process doesn’t remove the wax layer.

What could happen is that the waxy bits come together to settle in the lungs. Over a long period, this can potentially cause serious health issues. Products that undergo winterization typically don’t have the waxy layer.

Where Can I Find High-Quality CBD Vape Juice?

Several companies have developed a positive reputation for offering high-quality CBD vape oil. Provacan is one of them and has become one of the top UK CBD brands. It has also established itself internationally.

It offers its CBD vape juice in three sizes: 30mg, 300mg, and 600mg. We believe that the 30mg option is terrific for novices, and wish more brands would follow suit. It allows you to test the waters for under a tenner.