The Best Pre Law Majors To Choose From

People aspiring to excel in law have to go through a law school at some point in their lives. However, before qualifying from a law school, they need to have a pre-law major, which prepares them for law school, equipping them with the proper skills. Unfortunately, many hopeful students are discouraged when they come to know that pre-law majors are only law related. However, that’s simply a misconception, as there is a diverse range of pre-law majors to choose from, including subjects like psychology and philosophy. Law schools do not require an in-depth knowledge of the law from beginners, and entrance exams don’t contain any related questions. In fact, pre-law majors help students to gain a variety of skills needed for law school, even if the subjects don’t seem to be closely related. If you aspire to pursue a career in law, here are some of the best pre-law majors that you can find useful. 

Criminal justice

Criminal justice is relatively more closely related to law than other majors. You may think of police officers when you hear the word criminal justice; however, there’s more to it than that. If you’re interested in criminology, and the legal system, then this pre-law major might be perfect for you. Criminal justice encompasses the rules and regulations created to hold criminals accountable for their crimes. This is a relatively comprehensive pre-law major, including areas such as law enforcement and the analysis and development of new laws. Additionally, you will learn the prosecution of criminal cases and the protection of witnesses or victims. If you want to work towards protecting the lives of individuals and creating effective law structures, then make sure you look into online pre law programs to help you in this purpose. 

Political science

In the wise words of Aristotle, a simple description of political science would be the ‘study of the state.’ Besides political parties, presidential campaigns, and policy analysis, political science deals with a wide range of problems that affect people worldwide, for example, terrorism, civil rights, and climate change. According to the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy, political science goes back thousands of years in helping us solve our problems with a broader perspective. A pre-law major in this field will introduce you to the judicial process and the study of law from a deep historical point of view. A political science pre-law major is also a good option if you want to pursue a career in politics.


At first, psychology may not seem beneficial for someone who hopes to go to law school. However, it can prove quite useful. While pursuing a career in law, a knowledge of psychology helps gain a deeper insight into victims’ and criminals’ minds, which is as essential as the knowledge of laws themselves. It can equip you with a practical set of skills, increasing your ability to understand ‘motive.’ And why people commit crimes. By studying psychology as a pre-law major, you will also get familiar with statistics and research practices, which are often required in law. Psychology and law are closely related. While psychology focuses on human behavior, the law focuses on the regulation of that behavior.


Around 20% of the world’s population speaks English as their first language, making approximately 2 billion people. Then there are those who learn and speak it as a second language, taking that number even higher.  So, building up your English skills through a pre-law major can help you gain practical skills. While moving forth with practicing law, you will face many instances that will require you to have excellent English skills. For example, there is often a need to use English in writing reports and case briefs. Having a more robust vocabulary will help you be a better lawyer, as better usage of words may deliver your message more prominently. An English pre-law major also develop problem-solving, oral communication, and editing skills. If you are interested in literature and law, then, without doubt, an English major is the best choice.   


History and law both go hand in hand. With an extensive knowledge of history and countries and politics have evolved, you will have a better time understanding the origins of laws throughout your law career. Students taking this major will learn how legal institutions were developed in the past and how they exist today. With this knowledge, you will also understand how to develop new laws while keeping past mistakes in mind. Studying history can also give you an advantage over lawyers who haven’t studied it, as you will have more material to refer to while citing a precedent.


Economics has significantly impacted the field of law. Over the years, economic analysis has been used in legal research. In fact, having a sound understanding of macroeconomics comes handy when studying international law. With a greater understanding of economics, you will develop better analytical skills and will be able to observe legal matters with a broader and unique lens.


Sociology is the study of society and its components including race, culture, gender, and socioeconomic structure. Moreover, social behavior and relationships are also included in this study. While studying law, you will come across many of these concepts in legal proceedings. Sociology also teaches critical analysis and empirical investigation skills, which are useful for being a good lawyer. It is also known to make students memorize, analyze, and perform evaluations, to make conclusions and judgments, which are practices essential to law. Sociology is, in fact, considered arguably one of the best pre-law majors along with history.


Philosophy is one of the most popular pre-law majors taken into consideration by law schools. Through this course, you will be introduced to numerous schools of thought and ideologies that will help you frame better arguments to present your case. Making alternative arguments and learning about the ideas creating the many laws we know are also significant parts of this pre-law major. If you want the ability to think clearly, making logical decisions and arguments, then philosophy is one of your best options as a pre-law major for you. 


There is no pre-law major that serves as a prerequisite to get into law school. However, the ones mentioned above will undoubtedly benefit you throughout your career on the legal battlefield. So, if you aspire to be successful in law, then be sure to choose from these.