The Post COVID Business Economy

The year 2020 has become a benchmark year in a lot of ways. The economy is less than ideal, public unrest is common, and tensions are high in many different ways. This is causing a permanent change in the culture and economy of the United States. There is no normal that we are returning to, we will have less stress and less tension in the future, but this crisis will create a new normal. There are a few changes that are happening quickly and whether or not we are ready, change is coming, and you have to be ready for it. Here are a few innovations and changes that you should be aware of and take advantage of.

Tech Innovations

Innovation and change is just part of how normal was before the global pandemic and only more as time goes on. If you look back only 10 years ago, the world was completely different. We didn’t have things like Uber, Venmo and Instagram which are now parts of our daily life. There are more bigger innovations coming that will change industries permanently as it goes along. The SAAS business model was a disruption in all industries and the as-a-service model is only getting more relevant. Not only is Software being used as a service but there are other services like artificial intelligence and the biggest one is ITAAS custom programming which is ITA-as-a-service. The IT department is called in periodically to fix the same issues and this makes ITAAS an ideal system that many businesses are already implementing.

Fastest booming business model

With economic downturn some people get defeated and some people get gritty and tough to make it happen. Businesses like Whatsapp, Groupon and Pinterest were started right in the heat of the 2008 recession because people got creative. The successful people of the world get creative to make change when they are up against a wall. The business of the future is passive income. It is the up and coming wave that those who are aware will ride to financial freedom. Making money online through blogging affiliate marketing and one of the big ones is network marketing. The network marketing world has gotten a bad rap, but it has legitimized itself significantly and it rapidly growing with high quality products and legitimate practices. Many people are getting passive income through member benefits of reputable network marketing companies.

The Culture Shift

One of the biggest changes that is coming through this whole issue is a fundamental shift in culture on a larger scale. Even once there are no active case of COVID-19 there are likely people who are still going to want to wear masks and not feel comfortable going out. Social interactions are going to be different henceforth. We will be focusing a lot more on cleanliness and safe social distancing even after the issue has passed. It is still changing and evolving, and it is difficult to know how it will play out. There are a few changes that are already evident like stockpiling resources and staying clean. Many people are taking advantage of affordable personal loans to stay afloat during these times. There is a shift financially that it is ok to go into debt on a temporary basis to avoid long-term catastrophe.

The world is ever changing and is not stopping to change any time soon. We need to be able to see what is coming and pivot our strategies to make a difference for ourselves, out communities and our businesses.