The Procedure Of Forex Broker Registering

The Procedure Of Forex Broker Registering

The Procedure Of Forex Broker Registering

The international Forex market operates in almost all countries of the world and is a very attractive segment for investment. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to start a forex business, and brokers allow you to make money on platforms and assets with high liquidity. The total volume of transactions is several quadrillions. And experts believe that this segment will grow.

It is obvious that many brokers are trying to start a business in Forex and offer their services to traders. Moreover, there are even unregulated platforms that are not licensed. But today traders prefer to cooperate with reliable companies that protect the interests of clients, guarantee security and provide ample opportunities. Having a license is a prerequisite for winning a competition for a trader’s attention.

Therefore, brokers who decide to start a Forex business must obtain a reliable license. Knowing the main aspects and nuances allows you to make this path faster and more efficient.

Main Stages for Licensing a Brokerage Company

The process of obtaining a license consists of several mandatory stages. And every company must take the following steps:

  1. The broker analyzes the legal regulations of the selected region, compares the requirements, and decides where he wants to open a business.
  2. Now you need to find a partner company on which your brokerage platform will be based.
  3. The next step is the preparation of documents, coordination with the financial regulator, and obtaining a license.
  4. Creation of a trading platform convenient for brokers. Also, there is an option to buy quality software, which allows you to minimize costs.
  5. Creation of an official website, selection of a CRM system, and other tools.
  6. Cooperation with quality liquidity aggregator and reliable payment systems for fast and convenient transactions.
  7. Organization of a call center and support service. This is an additional advantage that allows you to win the competition for the user and become one of the forex prime brokers.

The first stages are associated with legislative nuances and there are many pitfalls here. This is why a broker should know all the details before starting a Forex business.

Main Types of Jurisdictions for Forex Brokers

There are many different financial regulators (weak, medium, and severe). Obviously, the package of documents and other requirements may differ. And the business owner should pay attention to important criteria.

  1. Analyze the package of documents required for creating a broker. The country may have standard requirements, but non-standard documents and references may be required.
  2. Learn more about the financial conditions required to obtain a license (the size of the bank deposit, authorized capital, other restrictions).
  3. Pay attention to tax laws. The broker must pay taxes every year. The tax depends on the category of the license, the amount of profit, and other aspects.

Main Steps of the Forex Broker Registration Procedure

Today, every broker can start a business on Forex. But the broker will only pay attention to a high-quality platform and wish to start a business here. The lack of a license is suspicious. After all, cooperation with such a broker is like a roulette wheel. And the trader has no guarantees and his interests are not protected in any way. This is why licensed brokers have an edge in competing for a client. Moreover, Japan, Singapore, the USA, Australia, and the UK are the most reliable guarantors of user rights.

Let’s find out how to get a Forex license. It is important to pay attention to the main nuances and pitfalls.

  • Pay attention to the basic requirements of the financial regulator in your area. Find out which organization oversees the local financial market. For example, CySec is popular in Europe, FCA controls companies offering trading services, etc.
  • Find out if you can legally promote Forex services in selected countries. Today, about 20 countries do not allow citizens to trade on the international foreign market. Also, pay attention to the additional features of the license. For example, the Japanese FSA requires every brokerage firm to comply with regulatory requirements. And the presence of an Australian license does not give the right to work in the United States.
  • Build a platform that complies with local regulations. For example, a US license requires a FINRA deposit ($25 million). And vice versa – Singapore allows companies to have a registered capital of at least $1000. But the executive director of the broker must be a citizen of the country.
  • The last step is choosing a quality bank and opening a corporate account.

Now the established company has the opportunity to obtain a license. This is an important step because unregulated brokers can face a number of restrictions, sanctions, lack of access to some markets, etc. But the main thing is that they will not be able to win the competition for a client.

Forex License Cost for Broker

If you decide to create your own Forex broker, then you need to obtain a license. And it is important to know more about the prices of this document.

  • Perhaps the simplest terms are offered by Singapore. It is convenient for business owners. But the cost here is really high and ranges from 500 thousand to 5 million Singapore dollars (this is from 373 thousand to 3.73 million USD). Also, the annual payment for using the license is from 2 to 8 thousand Singapore dollars.
  • In the US, the requirements for a broker are very strict. Obtaining a license consists of seven stages and takes about a year. At the same time, the broker must have a bank deposit of at least a million dollars and maintain an authorized capital of more than 250 thousand.

Yes, getting a license can be an expensive step. But this step is practically necessary for starting a brokerage business. Moreover, the presence of pitfalls and other legal nuances can make this process more difficult and time-consuming.

Excellent Solution for Opening a Brokerage Firm

You may have read about how to create a broker in Forex. This is a complex and lengthy process that requires special attention and serious costs. Business owners should consult with specialized lawyers and know about all the nuances of the procedure. But even in this case, there is no 100% guarantee that the process will be simple and fast. However, there is an excellent solution – cooperation with the white label trading platform. This approach has additional benefits.

You get turnkey solutions. If you decide to start a Forex business, then it is best to entrust the first stage to professionals. You can cooperate with white label forex, which already knows about all the nuances of the market. This mediator will guide you through all the main steps and avoid common beginner mistakes. The broker will be able to prepare all the necessary documents, get legal advice and create an attractive development service.

A simple opening of a white label FX company. It is the best choice for novice brokers. Because you turn to a reliable assistant that helps you get a license quickly, offers the best white label software, and helps you do everything as efficiently as possible. But the main thing is that you do not buy a trading platform, and this significantly reduces operating costs.

Liquidity provider B2Broker is a quality partner that offers professional assistance to aspiring brokers. The company is able to offer turnkey solutions, help create a trading platform and obtain a license of the desired category. With B2Broker, you will be able to build the best white label brokerage firm. It’s time to take your business to the next level.