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The Only Sri Lankan To Be Awarded At The Business World International Awards

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The Sri Lankan health sector is facing a significant issue at a time when our nation is in a state of misunderstanding across the globe due to covid-19. As the quarantine procedure began at the state level, people’s hearts and minds, as well as charitable corporate charities, volunteered to help. Dr. H.T.R. Priyantha was at the vanguard of presenting its resort as a quarantine facility to the Ministry of Health. His outstanding dedication was hailed on social media as well as among Sri Lankans in the United States.

Although the corona outbreak had spread throughout the universe by 2020, it had not yet reached our region. Furthermore, Sri Lankans lacked a good knowledge and concept of quarantine. At a time when the corona pandemic was quickly spreading in Sri Lanka, Dr. H.T. R Priyantha extended a fresh opportunity by giving his hotel to quarantine corona patients, creating a precedent in the world of quarantine for Sri Lankans visiting from overseas.

Dr. H.T.R Priyantha discussed with the Government of Sri Lanka that, owing to a shortage of hospitality and other sanitary facilities for corona patients at the time, his hotel, the Anoma Hotel in Avissawella, could offer all hospitality and hygiene services for corona patients. In response to the country’s Corona outbreak, he willingly offered his hotel to the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine, as well as face masks, sanitizers, protective clothes, and essential equipment to all Sri Lanka Army forces, including hospital staff and quarantine officers.

Despite losing his daily income due to the quarantine of his hotel, he was able to help the Sri Lankans as much as he could for his nation at the moment. Furthermore, he offered to provide all amenities to those who had been quarantined for free. This was a turning point in Sri Lanka when people needed to support one another, and his acts on behalf of all those who were defenseless were praised by everybody.

Following his footsteps in providing his hotel to quarantine Sri Lankans, he later opened even five-star hotels in the country to covid sufferers. He showed the world his great example and won the Business World Platinum Award presented by the business world international organization in the United States at the International Business Awards in Colombo.

He did not stop there but also provided food and supplies to Sri Lankans suffering from covid illness. There was a lack of masks and sanitary gear in government sectors at the time, including the health sector and the military, so he collaborated with industries to make free masks and sanitary ware. He also earned the award for Best CSR Project of the Year for his CSR undertakings like these.

Dr. H.T.R Priyantha did not stop there; in collaboration with local media networks, they offer dry foods to artists, the elderly, and those in orphanages in Sri Lanka affected by the corona outbreak. In addition, he began establishing programs to assist persons afflicted by the corona epidemic. He also proved his humanity by supporting Sri Lankans impacted by the Corona outbreak by supplying hospitals with medical equipment, protective gear, masks, and disinfectants.

He is to be congratulated for his outstanding efforts in assisting those impacted by the Corona outbreak, as well as for inspiring others to value and strive for humanity.