The Top 5 Countries for Americans to Move in

The population of New Jersey is nearly 9 million, that is how many American civilians currently live abroad. Many English-speaking countries offer easy ways to leave everything behind and gain a new perspective. If you are from those for whom 2020 caused massive anxiety and want to move to a country with a good job market, you have a little left to do. Choose the best country with the highest life quality, prepare all documents for going abroad, and check your resume for a new role with an online resume reviewer. Which country to define as the best, though, is an open question.

Overall Ranking for Your Well-Being Abroad

Though it’s not so easy to determine which countries have the happiest populations, the U. S. News outlet and data collectors have unveiled their findings. The latest survey, made by World Report in partnership with BAV Group in 2020, is based on an average of scores from the attributes that relate to the quality of life and a favorable cost of living. The process of figuring out which countries are the best ones to reside in includes a variety of factors, such as:

  • Affordability;
  • Economic & political stability;
  • A good job market;
  • Family friendliness;
  • Income equality; 
  • Safety;
  • Well-developed public education & health systems;
  • Navigable immigration process.

The following report summarizes how people feel about our planet as a whole. We have omitted the USA as the discussion relates to the countries for American expats. Here is the listing of the countries in descending order, which people have named the best homes.

#1. Switzerland

Switzerland was rated highly for its openness to business, low corporate taxes, transparent government practices, and easy access to capital. People who have already moved to the country admire a large number of well-educated specialists, good networking with the rest of the world, and excellent public education institutions. Safety, a stable economy, and good public healthcare raise the quality of life to the highest level, compared to everywhere else in the world.

#2. Canada

The fast-growing and industrialized economy of Canada makes it the richest country with high standards of living. The average annual income is near $40,000 and tends to increase. Multiculturalism is adopted in Canada as a national policy. Free healthcare, free primary and secondary education, and post-secondary studies are important parts of what makes Canada awesome. This country is also famous for clean cities, gorgeous parks, epic scenery, an uninhabited land.

#3. Japan

It is the nation with the third-largest economy in the world. The service sector makes up the highest percentage of the Japanese economy in terms of gross domestic product and employment. Japan with its lowest crime rate is one of the few countries where you can walk around at night and feel safe. There’s no need for individual vehicles as fast and regular public transportation in Japan gets you anywhere. You’ll like the job this country does to accommodate those who don’t speak Japanese with free language lessons.

#4. Germany

Germany is a highly developed compact country that is clean and orderly. It boasts a highly developed infrastructure and a well-organized mass transit network. You can enjoy universal healthcare there. Respect for the environment allows Germany to keep safe a vast amount of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. And you’ll have time for sightseeing as working hours in Germany are shorter than in any other developed nation. The culture of ‘beer and sausages’ makes Americans feel right at home. 

#5. Australia

The Australian economy continues to grow rapidly, proven to stay resilient through the global crisis. Due to the number of industries this country is great for new career opportunities for skilled migrants. Australia boasts a low unemployment rate and the perfect work-life balance created for the workforce. The population of this country is a great blend of multi-ethnic backgrounds. The local healthcare system is known as one of the best in the world. It covers the hospitalization and medical payments of the citizens in public hospitals.

Moving abroad is increasingly common among Americans. Many people move abroad for relationships, adventures, or work. If you accept the offer to take a role overseas, you’ll get invaluable experience as well as an easy way to climb the career ladder. You may look for internal career progression, or choose a faster route to a more senior role in another company or industry. Your international experience makes all the difference. If you are ambitious, opt into a year or two overseas, prepare your new resume, upload it on an online resume reviewer and climb to the top!

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