CBD for Seniors
CBD for Seniors

The Ultimate Guide to CBD for Seniors with Joint and Back Pain

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants that can act as a relaxing and pain-relieving agent for the body. Ever since the legalization of hemp in many states, CBD products have been popular for anxiety reduction, pain relief, etc. 

Many products are currently in the market for different consumers. Though these products are not FDA approved yet, users have reported that they do indeed work well. Such items for seniors are also in the market and have positive effects on the consumer.

What is CBD & how does it work?

CBD is most commonly extracted from hemp instead of cannabis, contrary to popular belief. Since hemp contains less THC, the mind-altering component which gives a “High effect” to the user, hemp cannabidiol products, such as Sunday Scaries CBD, are not only beneficial but devoid of such effects.

These products, upon consumption, act as a relaxant and signal the body to calm down, resulting in reduced anxiety and lower levels of pain. These benefits also come with minimal side effects, making CBD the ideal product for its users.

cannabidiol targets receptors present in the endogenous cannabinoid system, causing the reduction of pain, anxiety, etc.

People might doubt its efficiency since it does not hold certification from the FDA, but regular users know that it is effective for them and believe that the FDA will soon approve such products. FDA has just approved one drug containing C B D for the treatment of epileptic seizures.

Is CBD safe for the use of seniors?

One of the biggest concerns of new users is regarding the safety of CBD due to a myth that cannabidiol comes from cannabis. Most products come from hemp, which contains low levels of the mind-altering component present in cannabis in more significant amounts. That makes the products safe for consumption since there is no risk of having a “high” feeling after consumption.

Minor side effects like nausea, lethargy, and low blood pressure, come with the consumption. But they are not severe and do not persist for long either. Since it is a relaxant, some drowsiness is natural, and most of these effects wear off after 2-3 uses.

A report by the WHO on CBD stated:

“CBD is usually well-tolerated in people with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between existing medications taken by the patients and CBD.”

It only confirms that cannabidiol is safe for consumption, and users will not have to face many side effects unless they consume other medications that may cause issues.

Why choose CBD for pain?

With so many FDA-approved pain relief medicines present in the market already, you must be curious as to why one should choose cannabidiol over them. CBD has proven to relieve pain in multiple instances for multiple purposes.

Research conducted at Cornell University in 2018 involved dogs with osteoarthritis. The dogs that consumed CBD showed more movement and signs of reduced pain. It showed that C B D has pain reduction capabilities and can work efficiently for humans too.

But so do other pain medicines, so what exactly is the difference between them? C B D comes with significantly lesser and less severe side effects than painkillers for the same purpose. In short, C B D offers pain reduction and comes with fewer side effects.

In their research article published in 2018, Corroon J and Phillips JA concluded:

“A large percentage of respondents indicate that CBD treats their condition(s) effectively in the absence of conventional medicine and with non-serious adverse effects.”

Thus, CBD products are popular among users who have benefitted from them.

Why is CBD great for Seniors?

Seniors often face joint and muscle pain issues, and though these issues are frequent and common, the discomfort caused by them often limits the person from doing all desired activities. The bone density lowers, and the person faces difficulties while performing physical activities.

That leads to even lesser activity and further pain. Most people opt for ointments or painkillers to fight such joint pain, but CBD is also very effective for curing such pain. CBD, through multiple research pieces, has been proven to be an anti-inflammatory and alleviate pain. 

Thus, C B D for joint and back pain reduction is also great, making the product ideal for seniors. There is an added benefit of the absence of severe side effects as-well-as no high-effect.

What are other benefits of CBD in seniors?

Apart from alleviating pain, CBD also helps in many other problems, especially in seniors. Some added benefits of CBD are:

  • Regulated sleep cycle- Seniors often face sleep issues caused by muscle spasms. Lack of sleep then leads to further problems in the body. C B D significantly reduces such spasms and improves the quality and duration of sleep.
  • Anxiety Reduction– Anxiety might also arise in seniors due to multiple causes, but CBD, being a relaxant, helps alleviate it.
  • Appetite Stimulation– Lack of appetite is a common occurrence for seniors, but C B D can increase and regulate appetite.
  • Fighting Heart Problems– Recent studies have discovered that C B D leads to healthy blood pressure and reduction of heart-related issues. 

What are the CBD products?

cannabidiol products come in various forms for a variety of purposes. We can categorize the products into two categories:

  • Consumables items like oils, gummies, tablets, etc.
  • Topical products like balms, lotions, etc.

While consumables are taken directly or with food and drinks, topical products are applied directly to the skin.

For seniors, topical products are more common since they are applied directly to the concerned area. Consumables, however, are a lot more effective than topical products since they are concentrated and work well too.

Before making a purchase, you must check to see THC levels and other components to ensure that they are below the legal limits.


CBD products have taken the market by a storm, and avid users recommend the product for pain reduction, anxiety alleviation, etc. Seniors can also access relevant products to help with chronic or occasional joint and back pain.

The product is efficient and has lesser reported side effects, making it ideal for seniors to consume. While we wait for further research and the FDA’s approval on the products, one can consume these products after some research to help with common issues.