Top 4 ways your accounting firm can win new clients

Cloud accounting is now a hot topic in the accounting industry. From small to large accounting firms, everyone in the accounting industry is moving their clients off of desktop installed software and shifting them to the highly advanced cloud accounting solution. It’s been very long when accountants and bookkeepers abandoned their stack of papers and bulky binders for moving into the technology-driven world of cloud. But if the whole accounting industry has started using modern technological marvels for their accounting operation then why they are still with the 90’s technique of finding new clients.

Evolution in the industry isn’t limited to the core operation of businesses only. From sales to finance, everything has changed and marketing or we can say the way of finding new clients has also evolved. There is a big gap between the current accounting firms that are embracing the cloud accounting solution and the modern ways of winning new clients. This is why we have come up with new techniques that accounting firms can use for finding new clients and pacing up the growth rate.

Partnering with trusted professionals

There are maximum chances that your client must be using different types of services that you don’t offer like a legal representative, managed IT service, recruiting services and much more. Even if you are not an expert in these types of services, your firm should surely help the clients with referrals. This will help you to build a good alliance with other trusted professionals like IT companies, lawyers, HR experts, etc. By referring your clients to their services, you may get mutual referrals as well and thus, you will be able to extend the list of your clients through mutual referrals from trusted professionals. But in order to get mutual referrals, you will have to give them referrals as well.

By using this approach, you will also be able to build a non-competitive relationship with other firms. But you need to make sure that that you are not in direct competition. For example, if there is a firm that has company tax expertise then it can give bilateral referrals to another firm that is specialized in company advisory.

Use online marketing

If you have shifted to the cloud computing technology long ago then it’s high time to move online marketing as well. The concept of online marketing or cloud marketing is much easier to grasp than the cloud accounting solution. So, never confine yourself to traditional marketing techniques just because you think that online marketing requires long years of experience and expertise.

By using online marketing, you will easily improve lead generation and client acquisition as well. You will be dumbfounded to know that even in the current technology driven era, many accountants are still dependent upon old techniques of marketing like direct mail and cold calling. But just like the stack of papers and binders won’t work in your accounting operation, cold calling and direct mails will also not be effective. You should know that most of the clients first search about the potential accounting firm online before using their service. This is another main reason why you should start using online marketing and build a strong online presence.

Get certified in QuickBooks

Another good way to win more clients is to get certified in a popular accounting software program like hosted QuickBooks. If you will become a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor then you will be able to display your profile on the Find-an-Advisor website. The batch of ProAdvisor will make you the most trustworthy and the value of your accounting firm will also increase. If anyone will get an option between an accounting firm with ProAdvisors and an accounting firm with ordinary advisors, then there are maximum chances that they will go with ProAdvisors without any second thought.

Get listed on Yelp

If a large portion of your accounting firm is involved in preparing 1040s for clients then you should surely get yourself registered on Yelp. You should know that the directory of Yelp appears prominently in Google searches for bookkeepers and accountants and that’s why it’s a good way to gain exposure. But you should wary of very aggressive sales team at Yelp that will try to sell you ads. Yelp is a free directory and you don’t need to pay money for getting listed in it. But there are many accountants who succumb to the sales pitches. If you are on budget with your efforts of winning new clients then you should confine yourself to the free services of Yelp. Yelp is also a good place for a rising start up accounting firm to gain media attention.

If you are embracing modern methods and technology in your accounting operations only then you are making a big mistake. The way of acquiring new clients and marketing has changed gradually. This is why you can no more rely on cold calls and emails. Use the new methods of extending the list of clients and pace up the growth of your firm.

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Saurabh Gupta is currently working as a senior content writer at MyQBHost, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company and the two things which matters the most to him is technology and writing. Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is what he loves the most.