Top 5 domestic smart gadgets to buy on the Black Friday 2019

The Christmas shopping season is about to arrive. It is a great opportunity to get the products and gadgets you dreamed of twice a cheaper. But what are these products? If you have a list of what to buy on the Black Friday,  it’s okay. But what if you don’t?

If you are tired of your domestic chores and trying to find out the perfect way to do them without time vesting, then this article is for you. We collected the top 5 smart domestic gadgets to buy on the Black Friday 2019 that is supposed to make a living more comfortable and save you quite a number of hours and money. 

 Well, here are these devices.

#1. Robot vacuum cleaner    

The robotic vacuum cleaner or so-called robovac is a great investment, especially on the Black Friday sale. Some brands and stores make more than 50% off the price. That means that you can purchase a really cool smart device two or three times cheaper. 

Now, several words about the robovacs. These are the vacuum cleaners that can work in an autonomous way. So, it’s unnecessary for you to participate in the process of cleaning. The only thing you have to do is to program the time you want your robot to start vacuuming. 

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners have a shape of the circle. The sensors in front of the body and at the bottom of the device help it to overcome the obstacles and walls as well as prevent its fallings from the stairs. The suction power of the robovacs is quite high. That means then you can use them both on the hardwood floors and carpets. They fit perfectly into the houses with pets and children. 

Before buying the robot vacuum cleaner read some overviews of the different models to make sure the brand or a model will do anything you need while cleaning. Also I recommended to find the best price on black friday robot vacuum deals reviews.

#2. Robotic lawn mower 

If you have a house with the yard, this thing can become an indispensable investment, for you know well how it is annoying and tiresome to mow the grass. As the robotic vacuum cleaner, the robot lawn mower works autonomously without your participation. 

Most of these devices have sensors that allow them to mow around the bushes and other obstacles. They also have rain sensors to stop mowing while the weather is not okay. As the robovacs, the mowers can be scheduled to start working at a particular time. They cut overgrown grass quickly and smoothly. It means that mowing once per week will be enough to have a good looking green yard. Anyway, you can always change the time of mowing by one tap on your smartphone, because the robotic lawn mower has perfect mobile connectivity to any smart device or hub.

Before you buy your robotic lawn mower, try to get more information about the device, for there a lot of models on the market. 

#3. Robotic window cleaner

The robotic window cleaner is another excellent smart device to save your time and ease your domestic chores. Although you don’t need to clean the windows too often, this process is complicated and tiresome anyway.

Robotic window cleaner or washer is an autonomous device that will clean the windows for you. The device is equipped with excellent suction power to attach the glass, some laser sensors to determine the window size and several cleaning parameters among which you can find a spray system, squeegee system, and a drying mechanism. 

With the robotic window cleaner, you can also clean the mirrors and other flat glass surfaces. Different models of window cleaners have different complexes of cleaning modes. So, before purchasing one, make sure you have an acquaintance with the most popular models and brands. 

#4. Smart espresso machine

The smart espresso machine is not a robotic device but is also a hi-tech device that can save your time and start your morning with a great taste of the perfectly brewed espresso. There are many different brands of the smart espresso machines on the market. Each has some functions and features. 

The average smart espresso machine can brew the coffee of the different strength according to your desire. It starts brewing automatically due to the programme schedule; it alarms you when your espresso is ready, as well as it alarms you if it lack of water or coffee. 

You can also program the device through the mobile app and make it brew you a cup by one tap on the display of your smartphone. The smart coffee machine industry is highly developed, so, be ready to research the information before you purchase the espresso machine. 

#5. Smart door locks

The smart door lock is not that device that can ease your domestic chores and save time. But this is an essential thing for your security and security of your house. The smart lock is a kind of digital lock that doesn’t require the physical key to be opened. 

The device connects to the wireless protocol (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) to perform lock and unlock operations. It is installed over the mechanic lock and upgrade it to the higher level. So, to open the door, you can use a card, a trinket, a password key or even the fingertip. If an unwanted guest makes a try to enter your home, the smart lock will block it and make an alarm call to the police station. Only you as the owner can unlock the door. 

Most smart locks can become a part of the so-called smart home system.  There are only several brands performing the smart locks on the market, so, spent some time to learn about them and their prices.

The final words

These were top five of the automatic devices that you can purchase on the Black Friday 2019. With the help of smart gadgets, you can not only ease some of your domestic chores but also make your life safer and more comfortable.