Since ancient times, lotteries are played as a source of entertainment. It often gives the self-satisfaction of winning; therefore, people worldwide investing their time in this outstanding source of happiness. Among the lotteries, Saturday lotto is one of the most renowned games and people often play it across Australia.

Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is played as a nationwide lotto. It has different names in different parts of the country. In Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Victoria, it is known as TattsLotto. Whereas in South Australia, it is known as X Lotto, and in Queensland, it is called Gold Lotto.

How to buy a Saturday Lotto?

  • It can be purchased from online lottery websites.
  • Every Saturday, this lotto entry closes by 7:25 pm AEST/8:25 pm AEDT.
  • They are drawn at 8:30 pm AEST/9:30 pm AEDT.

The Lotto also has some special draw events at different times of the year. The Super draw is one of the most regular events that occur around six times a year. One of the most popular events is the Mega draw, which occurs annually. 

The essential features of Saturday Lotto are-

  1. Syndicate tickets: They are the shared ticket purchased by the group of people who pool money and play many entries of lotto. After winning, the prize is equally shared among the group. Syndicate ticket players often get the chance of winning because each player is continuously trying to win the whole game. Therefore, there are more chances to succeed in this strategy.
  2. System ticket: These tickets allow one to pick more than 6 numbers for the lotto game. For example, a “System 7” allows to pick 7 numbers of game, and a “System 8” allows to select 8 numbers, similarly 9 and so on. The maximum numbers one can choose is 20 from “System 20”. In this type of entry, everyone has an equal opportunity to play the possible 6-number combination from the selected numbers. For instance, if one has 28 possible combinations to play with System 8, which is equivalent to the 28 combinations from 8 selections, it increases the chance to win the lotto.
  3. Super Combo entry. It allows one to enter with more number combinations than the Systems entry. However, it provides a section of lines from the full combinations. Every Super Combo has a different combination designed to result in a different number of combination patterns.

How to play Saturday lotto?

  • Standard Entries: QuickPick or a Marked entry is known as the standard entry. With the help of these two, one can choose the number of games one can play.
  • System & Pick Entries: One can pick the numbers from System 7 to System 20 through these entries.
  • Advance Entries: With Advance entry, one can play the game multiple times in Multi-week with a valid subscription. It allows one to play and draw future tickets for up to 10 weeks in advance.

Where to watch the draw?

Around 8:30 pm AEST/9:30 pm, the draw results usually broadcast on 7TWO, and one can see the live session of the draw on the 7plus website.

Checking the lotto results-

The results are often sent to the player’s inbox. The results will also be available on the ticket publishing application or website.


Taking part in the Saturday Lotto is now easier than ever with websites like OZ lotteries that allow one to participate from whichever location they may be in, provided they have an internet connection. The game offers excitement, unlike any other, and the lotto’s popularity is rising because of this very reason. 

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