VERSO, an American International School in Bangna

Thailand’s biggest American International School in Bangna Opens

VERSO American International School in Bangna is Bangkok’s most exciting new campus, scheduled to open in August 2020. The school boasts a holding capacity of 1,800 international and Thai students and is set to become the biggest international school in Bangkok. 

The school’s vision is to offer students a personalized learning track based on their interests and strengths. VERSO founders have a strong vision to build a campus that will prepare students for the fast-moving future. 

VERSO is a 5-billion-baht investment by Thai and Hong Kong partners, featuring state-of-the-art facilities, smart design technology. It is situated on one of the biggest plots of land in the Bangkok metro area (in Thana city). 

The School of the Future

This newest American International School in Bangna will be the first to partner with IDEO–a leading global design and innovation firm–to build an extraordinary campus that uses a human-centered approach to design. The school is built from the ground up, allowing developers the unique opportunity to design a school with a strong vision and positive impact on the future of education.

VERSO will offer a highly creative and innovative learning model for students. The school departs from the traditional style of learning, taking on a unique approach to education. There will be a strong focus on developing students’ leadership skills and inner confidence. The teachers at VERSO are trained to inspire, support, and collaborate with their students throughout their learning journey. Students will gain confidence and discover their passions and interests through hands-on learning, project-based experiments, group collaborations, and personal projects. 

Additionally, VERSO American International School in Bangna is reshaping how a learning environment looks and feels. The school is partnered with IDEO to construct the school of the future. Using human-centered design and technology, the buildings are intentionally looped to create movement and flow in learning. The futuristic and modern architecture is designed to inspire students and encourage communication, connection, and collaboration. The looped buildings are divided into three zones, the Lower Loop (Early Childhood – Grade 4), Middle Loop (Grade 5 – Grade 8), and Upper Loop (Grade 9 – Grade 12). 

A Unique Teaching Style

VERSO adopts an American-based curriculum that aims to ignite students’ passions and interests organically. VERSO teachers are highly qualified and place the utmost care and attention to the students’ success. Part of the success is through immersive learning, allowing students the opportunity to explore, connect, and engage with real-world experiences. 

The school is partnered with renowned organizations and individuals to provide students with the most high-quality training and education needed to succeed in a fast-moving world. VERSO also incorporates Applied Learning Experiences (ALX) into the curriculum so students can apply what they’ve learned into real-life experiences. This usually involves project-based learning and many group collaborations. 

This unique American International School in Bangna will open next year in August 2020, and admission is now open for international and Thai students. VERSO is located in Thana City, Bangkok, a growing area with a strong sense of community and filled with a range of amenities and residential neighborhoods.