What I Wish I Would Tell My Kids About Parenting During A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has seen children close school and parents work from home. It is no typical holiday as weeks are running to months and there is a need to talk to your kids. Caregivers, guardians, and parents have a responsibility during the pandemic to let the kids take things as they are but to maintain their innocence and sanity.
The following are tips to help you talk with your child and make things easy for them.

1) Have Fun Together 

You do not need the whole day to spend time with your child. You can take half an hour and bond with them at a time suitable for you. If you are pregnant, you can have fun moments with older kids going shopping for baby items.
You can let them help with choosing baby names for their unborn sibling. You can get beautiful ideas at Mommyhood101 on where to buy the best baby items. You will also get tips on parenting that can come in handy during these trying times.

2) Tell Them The Truth

You may think to hide the reality of the damage the disease has caused is protecting the children, but it is wrong. The information is everywhere, they will find it, and some of it may be false. Let them know the truth from you so they can trust you and share their fears with you.

Ask the child questions and gauge how much they know about the pandemic and its effect. From the answers, you can tell how to explain to them according to their understanding. Be there for your child to ensure that when they feel scared, they can count on you.

3) Create A Schedule

Sometimes staying indoors can be tedious, and kids may overdo specific tasks like watching TV or playing video games. To kill boredom, you need a plan for different activities. The tasks should include chores in the house for older kids, study time, and playtime.

Engage the children in creating this schedule, so they do not feel like you are dictating orders at them. Let breaks include fun moments together, so they work on a task with expectations of having fun at the end of it. When going out and mixing with other kids and adults, let them keep a safe distance.

4) Educate Them On Internet Risks

Staying online is the major pastime for young children and teenagers during the pandemic. It has its good side as they communicate with their friends; they get to relieve stress. On the flip side, things are not so rosy since it has its risks.

It is not all information online that is true and can misguide the children on different topics. Cyberbullies may make life harder for your children. You may have to sensitize them on the dangers of online communication and monitor their use as well.

5) Make The Kids See The Positive Side Of Things

With all the sad news sweeping across the media, it is hard to avoid the negativity. The kids may become stressed, anxious, and depressed. You can help them see things through positive eyes.

Let them appreciate the time they are spending together as a family to learn things about each other. You too have to be positive in your actions as they do what they see you do.