What New Hunters Need to Know About Bow Hunting Camo

Hunting in the 21st century means that you have unlimited options even when it comes to your camo. Back in the time, the number of options available to the bowhunter was limited; they had to choose from the limited clothing articles that were available. Now, the hunters don’t wear long-sleeved shirts and black jeans to their hunting expeditions, nor they wear heavy jackets that limit their movement. If you are a new hunter looking for bow hunting camo, this article will be a great help for you. 

Light Weight is Key 

This is the first and probably the most important tip that anyone can share with a new hunter. You not only need to pack very light but also the Camo you choose should be very lightweight. If you have heavy clothing, it will restrict your movement, which will affect your hunt. The Camouflage you choose should be snug with you so that you have more control over your clothing. 

Hunting Camouflage 

Many new hunters  believe that camo might not be a necessity , and they will still have their luck and kill a dear in the woods. Well, it hurts to break it to you, but that is pure luck. We all need to understand that earthy and muddy tones in the wild will give you more camouflage effect, and that will get getting you closer to your target. If the deer sees you, they will be out of your reach and range before you know, so it is almost impossible to ignore the importance of camouflage. 

Why the Pattern?

New hunters often also talk about the patterns available in the market or wonder why there are so many patterns on the camo shorts and trousers. The hunting opportunities are numerous; that is why the companies make different designs and patterns to match the different environments. If you are hunting in Atlanta compared to that of Minnesota, you understand that the environment will be very different. Some places will be lush green, while others will have more mud and mushy areas; choose your camo based on the place you are headed to for your hunt. 

Mixing and Matching is Allowed

When you are out in the wild, the deer won’t mind if you are not matching your top with your lowers, so mixing and matching is definitely allowed. You need to make sure that the fabrics are not very different because not only the acre for both fabrics will be different, but they will also behave differently with the body. You also don’t want to wear your summer pants on your winter hunting expedition. You can match your camo pants with a plain green or brown t-shirt, and this will also save you some money. 

A hunting trip for a new hunter will be very exciting but, in the excitement, don’t forget to pack all the essentials you will need on your first hunt. The right Camo will help you blend with your environment and make your trip successful.