What you should know about face and body sculpting treatments

Face and body sculpting is a non-surgical kind of treatment used for fat elimination in different parts of the body. The technique works by killing fat cells in the targeted areas where the results start to show after a couple of months. These fat cells are killed or shrunken and don’t grow back, but the treated areas might add fat if you don’t work out or have an unhealthy diet. 

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution to facial contouring or fat reduction method, then you could try out face and body sculpting in boca raton fl. Better yet, you can use this method to treat different areas, from double chin, love handles, buttocks, upper arms, inner & outer thigh, upper & lower abdomen, and bra line. To that end, below are the different treatments used for face and body sculpting.


This treatment method entails killing the fat cells through heat from lasers. WarmSculpting is approved by the FDA for fat removal in specific parts of the body where the fat cells are killed and gradually eliminated by the body. It is the best approach for someone looking to lose weight in those small places with stubborn fat. It is also a long-term solution, but you have to maintain good physical health while watching your weight. On the downside, it might have a slight burning sensation and might be limiting especially because it does not easily reach curved parts because of the device shape.


Unlike the WarmSculpting where fat cells are eliminated via heat, this treatment freezes the fat cells that are later excreted by the body. It is also known as cryolipolysis and results in the treated areas are usually visible after a few months of the two-time treatment. It is also approved by the FDA and is a perfect option if you want to get rid of fat in multiple areas. On the downside, minor pain in the treated areas might be experienced and the procedure might not be the best for individuals sensitive to cold.


It is also approved by the FDA and ultrasound energy is used to get rid of fat cells which the body excretes later. This treatment does not cause bruising or redness of the skin and it is one of the most comfortable methods of sculpting treatments. On the downside, it takes longer than other sculpting treatments and is certified for use on the stomach and abdomen only.

Body FX

Through lasers and radiofrequency energy, body FX is used to eliminate fat cells while boosting collagen production. Hence, the treated area tightens and cellulite appearance reduces, which is the main advantage of this sculpting treatment over other methods. On the downside, you might experience, itching, redness, and itching, and the results might take longer than with other treatment methods.


Instead of killing fat cells, this method instead contracts them. The treatment is used for arms(biceps & triceps), abs, calves, and butt, and is FDA approved. A disadvantage of this treatment is that the contracts and vibrations are sometimes uncomfortable, and it might not be the best if you are looking to reduce large amounts of fat.