Why is Delhi the attractive realty hotspot for NRIs?

India is a diverse land with diverse taste and culture. This is one of the reasons why we get to see the explicit amalgamation of various cultures and traditions. However, one aspect that is quite common among the diverse population is the gradual uplift of living standards and lifestyle alterations. Being the national capital of India, New Delhi has always been the top of the priority list for people to live in and explore the various things the city has to offer in multiple ways.

In recent years, Delhi has witnessed the peak of the real estate sector with a tremendous rise in the demand and supply of residential as well as commercial properties. Besides people who originally belong to Delhi, India, the city has been the top abode for people who migrate from other cities or parts of the country. There are thousands and lakhs of students and job seekers who become a part of the city with high hopes and ambition. For these people, Delhi is one such city that has never disappointed in terms of offering a proper place to live in. Besides these people, Delhi is one of the favorite cities in India for the NRIs as well. The NRIs often prefer investing in properties in the top Indian cities like Delhi so that while they are away in the foreign land, their families are gifted with a lavish lifestyle with all the comforts of the world.

The city is popular as it has opportunities for all kinds of people, whether willing to get a rented house in Delhi or buy an independent house for sale in Delhi. There are several categories of rental houses in Delhi, India depending upon the buyer budget. Besides, the city is also an abode for luxurious flats, bungalows, villas, penthouses, duplexes and these are also available for both renting and buying. This has been useful not only for the NRIs but also for the common people who wish to gift themselves with the comfort of luxurious living in the heart of the city.

Delhi has always been very forthcoming to NRI’s due to the lifestyle, culture and the technological development that can be found in the city. NRI’s have always been fond of Delhi, India because of the certain standard of living, lifestyle, and culture it initiates which is somewhere similar to the places outside India where they have been living for so many years. The city has numerous things to offer to the NRI’s who visit Delhi, India for family bonding or maybe for work and therefore they always wait to return to their motherland which has provided them with so many opportunities.

NRI’s often look for independent houses for sale in Delhi, India so that they might have an abode of their own the next time they visit Delhi, India. But they have to face a lot of problems when they think about searching for properties like independent houses for sale in Delhi or rent a house in Delhi, India. Some of the problems are:

  • There is a lack of proper resources to find the best house according to their choice with all amenities.
  • Most NRI’s are afraid of being caught in the trap of fraudsters and hooligans who try to extract money by fooling them.
  • The lack of proper transparency between the seller’s documents which sometimes leads to falsification of documents and also genuine sellers end up losing the trust of the NRI buyers.
  • One of the biggest problems is the distance between the NRI’s present residing country and Delhi, India which leaves the NRI buyers with no other option than to visit India for the sake of searching independent houses for sale in Delhi, India or rent a house in Delhi. But most NRI loses interest in buying due to this hassle of travel and lack of options of checking out properties from the comfort of their homes.

Housing.com is one such website that has helped me and many other NRIs to invest and buy homes in Delhi, India while sitting comfortably in our own residing country. Hosuing.com has provided not only NRIs to own independent houses for sale in Delhi, India or rent a house in Delhi, but also NRI real estate investors who could easily search for properties to invest in Delhi. Housing.com offers great deals and endless properties to choose from in Delhi, India. Housing.com provides a list of great properties that are sorted according to numerable filters that can be set by the NRI buyer to choose the best-suited property for them. Some of the filters are:

  • RERA compliance is an important filter provided by Housing.com which enables the buyer to choose RERA compliant properties only which are protected against frauds and scam through RERA regulation.
  • The website provides the NRI buyer with various choices like independent houses for sale in Delhi as well as flats, villas, independent floors, duplex, penthouse and any number of BHK’s they want or can afford in their price range.
  • The website also provides facilities of buying properties directly from owners, brokers or even developers.
  • The website has features for searching rent houses in Delhi, India which also can be flats, independent houses, villas, duplex, penthouse and any number of BHK’s.
  • It also highlights the type of property like owner property, under construction or developer sold the property.
  • Housing.com also provides you with features for rent houses in Delhi, India like that of properties with great nightlife, commute and direct owner listed property.

Delhi, India has been providing NRIs with a lot of luxury living options with a range of international standard amenities which attracts a lot of attention from the NRI buyers. These properties are increasing every day due to the steady demand and the future resale value of the properties are also very likely to be sky high due to the rapid expansion of the city. Therefore one can surely invest in an independent house for sale in Delhi or rent a house in Delhi, India for your next visit to the country.