Why Should You Delete Your Tweets?

Twitter has become the most common place for people for sharing their thoughts and ideas in the form of tweets. But there are several problems that arise when it comes to the functionality of Twitter. It is really strict in providing features to its user base.

A simple example of this is not being able to edit your tweets. Twitter also doesn’t allow you to delete multiples tweets at once. A lot of people face problems when they are trying to delete multiple tweets at once. The reason for deleting all your previous tweets can be due to the following reasons:

Increase in Popularity:

There are several situations that can force you to delete your tweets. The most common situation that most people face is when they get famous either through YouTube or Facebook. When you become famous, you get a lot of attention in the process and people start following you. If you want to delete all of your previous tweets which are meaningless then you have to use third-party software like Circleboom .

Changing of a Political Party:

The second situation comes in the form when people change their political party. Now, being in the opposition, you will have to delete all of the tweets that were related to your previous political party. You might have had hundreds or thousands of tweets and Twitter will never allow you to delete all old tweets at once. This is where Circleboom steps in.

What is Circleboom?

Circleboom is a tool that allows you a lot of features that are not available on Twitter. Some of the features include:

  • Bulk Deletion of Tweets
  • Removal of Retweets
  • Unlike

These are some of the features that it provides but our main focus is on the deletion of tweets and retweets. As most people tweet daily on Twitter and they are regularly retweeting things from other famous people, their profile can become filled with all kinds of tweets and retweets. Now, if one of the two situations occurs which we have mentioned above like if a person gets famous or changes his political party, and then he will need to delete all of his existing tweets which can easily be done with the help of Circleboom.

Deleting Your Tweets:

Circleboom provides its users with a lot of options when it comes to deleting tweets. There are different ways in which you are able to delete tweets on Circleboom. You can delete tweets in the following ways:

  • Time Period Deletion
  • Filtering Keywords
  • Retweets Deletion
  • A New Profile

If you are keen on deleting your tweets then you have the above methods at your disposal. All of these methods are designed to provide you with a seamless experience. The first option is to only delete tweets in a specific time period which can be really useful for some people. If you said something about a political party at a specific time then you can only delete those tweets while keeping the rest.

Another thing that Circleboom provides you is the option to filter out some keywords. Then you can only delete those tweets which contain those keywords while keeping the rest intact. This provides you with a lot of options in regard to the tweets you want to delete and the ones you want to keep. You just have to type in the keyword that you want to filter and Circleboom will do the rest. This filtering process also works with hashtags.

There are some people who only want to delete their retweets from the opposing party then Circleboom’s also got you covered. You can easily delete your tweets and retweets in just a simple click. One feature that most famous people might find useful is the ability to delete all of your tweets and retweets on Twitter and make your profile like it’s new. This can be really useful for people who have recently garnered a lot of popularity and want a fresh start on their Twitter profile without losing any of their existing followers. All of these features combine together to make Circleboom the best Twitter management tool.


Now, the thing with Circleboom is that it provides its users with a lot of different packages. You can either choose to go for the free version or one of the paid versions. The difference is basically the number of features that you getting. The free version allows you to do all of the above-mentioned stuff but the limitation is in the form of a number of tweets that you can delete.

In our opinion, you can go with the free version if you don’t have a lot of tweets. If you have like thousands of tweets then you will have to go with one of the paid packages. No matter which package you go with, they are all really worth it.


if you want the ultimate tool to manage your Twitter profile then Circleboom is the best tweet deleter tool. The number of features along with the ease of use makes it really helpful. All of the packages are not that much expensive so this makes it a really compelling choice. So, if you want to have the best experience in managing your Twitter profile and deleting your old tweets then Circleboom is what you need.