Will Your Ex Eventually Come Back To You

Is the thought of your ex-lover ‘leaving’ bothering you? Who wants to lose somebody they love? And if it’s your beau with whom you’ve desired to walk the aisle of life. Should you look out for  signs your ex girlfriend will come back?  Well, why not? If it is true love, it won’t be lost.

It will come back to you, be it today or tomorrow. If you have already been working on getting your ex back but aren’t sure if he/she feels the same way, reading through this could bring some respite.
Love is the foundation of any relationship, but things can get bitter in lieu of rising expectations. Breakups aren’t easy to handle, especially when you are way too attached to the other person in your relationship that went kaput.

But, wait, sometimes the breakup itself can work as a catalyst in reviving the bond that you once cherished as a couple together. Are you caught between the thoughts if your love was strong enough and what’s keeping him from taking that first step?
Here’s what could be holding him back.

Ego can wreck it all

Pride and ego go hand-in-hand and if your ex was the one to have called ‘it quits’, it’s likely that it’s nothing more than the pride that has been holding him from coming forth for reconciliation.

Most people don’t like to make that first move and this could be the reason enough for them to keep that distance.
However, if he wants you back, pride won’t matter and he could soon find some or the other way of approaching you. Read more on how to deal with male ego in a relationship at https://www.boldsky.com/relationship/love-and-romance/2014/male-ego-in-relationships-how-to-deal-with-it.html

Fear of rejection

Who wants to expose their vulnerability? Similarly, who you miss so dearly must be simply afraid of being turned away. Yes, you might feel that isn’t a deal, but sometimes the other person takes a back seat with a sinking feeling that you might deserve better.

A situation that would have led to the call off could be making him guilty and wary of coming back to you. It’s possible that he feels deeply about hurting you and does think you would never want him back.

If you are wondering what your former lover is thinking about coming back, tracking these signs could help. Although remember that love is an emotion and nothing can be printed in black and white. Plus, every situation is unique and every person’s willingness and ability to deal with a breakup is different.

If you are trying to find a sure shot answer, don’t think that would be possible but yes, from common human behavior, we can decipher some cues on how things could shape up shortly.

So, let’s get started with the indicators…

  1. He communicates that he misses you. Well, that could be in any form. He could text, try to call, email, or even declare how miserable he feels about losing you on social media. What you can make out is that he misses you and is hinting on how much he regrets the decision of having a split.
  2. If he makes a visible effort to stay around you, it might tell that he wants to be back in your life. Just a simple proposal for a coffee day out with you or tossing some or the other excuse to remain close can indicate his wish to resuscitate the broken relationship.
  3. Often people continue being friends even after a split. If you notice your former boyfriend or girlfriend trying hard to keep the nostalgia alive, you know what it could be.
    Yes, wanting to hang out to a special place that you spent hours dating each other or living the most cherished memories from the past are all indirect indications that he misses being by your side and living those moments. Follow this to see what experts have to say about keeping in touch with your ex.

  1. Did she just ask you if you are dating someone else? There you go; that’s a sign! She just wants to make sure that there’s still space in your heart and life for her. Breakups could spatter a sense of insecurity around both individuals trying to cope with it and wanting to know your latest relationship status could mean that he/she wants to gauge the chance of returning back to you.
  2. Is he inquiring about your wellbeing in a common social circle? That’s because they want to know how you have been doing. This could also be a way to find out if you are sailing on the same boat as him. Not everyone can muster the courage to come straight up and ask about your whereabouts, especially if the separation had been seemingly unpleasant.
  3. Did you overhear him tell someone that he has changed? Or did he directly tell you that he has become more open to understanding you? All these are clear indications that he is trying to catch your attention to tell you that he has learned from the past and wants to work on himself for the better. It’s your choice whether you want to give him a second chance or not.
  4. Does your ex keep in touch with your family? This could be an indication of him trying to tread his way into your life. Yes, getting closer to your siblings, parents or even cousins could mean that they seek a future with you.

If all that makes you feel optimistic, go ahead, and enjoy the feeling. However, that phase of separation, be it with your girlfriend, boyfriend or ex-husband isn’t a cakewalk.

If the relationship matters much to you, you might as well pay attention to signs that your former mate reveals through various means. Sometimes, he/she could be drifting away even when you want them to come back. Find ways to get your ex back at https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Your-Ex-Back

If the situation is stressing you out, you might consider making that move to talk it out with your ex. If that appears intimidating, seek the help of a close buddy to communicate your feelings.
If nothing works, don’t panic! You could go to a counselor who can help you sail through this emotional wave. Remember, not everyone is expressive enough or strong to face a charred situation.

If you are finding it difficult, possibly he too is fighting it out. Messy breakups can turn the perfect love stories into hate ones. It is a trying time for both!

Be alert, as sometimes if you catch your ex chatting with someone new, it could only be to catch your attention or make you jealous. Whether this is to seek revenge or is an attempt to see whether you still care, you can pay close attention to see how they speak of the new person to find the hidden truth.

Whatever be the case, consider working on yourself if his intentions don’t indicate efforts of any reconciliation to a way with a healthy mind.