10 Things You Must Know About Your Real Estate Agent By: Raymond James

What they DO

Real estate agents act as the mediator between a seller and a buyer. As a seller, you may not have great channels or connections to get the best seller within a short time. However, with real estate agents, you can sell your property in no time. They can market your home through various platforms to create visibility for the buyer.

How They Can Help You

  • A real estate agent can help you connect with the buyer within a short while.
  • Give the best advice on how to sell the home.
  • They search for qualified buyers to avoid wasting time on people who have no plan to purchase the property.
  • Take charge of property inspections on behalf of the buyer.
  • Run marketing activities on behalf of the seller.
  • If you have a mortgage, your realtor can help you navigate through the process faster.

Commission is Negotiable

When selling a house, the owners usually pay a certain percentage as a commission to the real estate agent. However, the commission is negotiable. You can speak out what you are comfortable paying and agree with your agent on a commission that favors both parties.

This is usually easier if you plan to retain the agent for future projects. Negotiating is often easier when working with Rowling & Co best realestate agents who give you room to negotiate on the best price before signing the contract.

Both Small and Big Agencies Can Be Good

Some people think that a small real estate agent cannot provide professional services. The truth is that a small agency is as good as a big one. However, the only difference could be brand visibility. Big agents might be widely recognized than smaller ones. The fact remains that both can be good for the job.

You Can Sell Your Home without an Agent

Although selling your home can be challenging, it can still be successful if you do it alone. Take quality photos and market your home on various online platforms.

For the best results, you can list your property on Multiple Listing Service since it has an extensive database of buyers, and you are likely going to get one sooner.

Get Exempted From a Commission If You Get a Buyer

Probably, your real estate agent plans to get a buyer in two days. But within a few hours, you get a good buyer referral with a better deal. In this case, you can sell your property to your buyer and avoid paying a commission to your agent.

A Home Inspector Might Not Disclose All Details.

Not all home inspectors will tell you things as they are when they come to inspect your home. They know that the secret to getting hired is by hiding some information.

Also, some agents might partner with specific inspectors who can overlook certain problems when inspecting the home. That’s why it’s vital to search for an inspector you can trust.

Signing Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved when working with a real estate agent. That’s why it’s essential to read the manual carefully to avoid problems in the future. Since you need to sign all information as expected, you can hire a lawyer to look over the contract and advise you on the best way forward.

They Must Be Licensed

An excellent real estate agent needs to have the appropriate licenses for the job. Before hiring one, check with your state to ensure that the agent is credible. You can search for the agent’s details online to learn more information. This will help you increase the chances of hiring a professional who knows what to do.

Best Prices Doesn’t Mean the Deal Is Good

Agents enjoy good commission when they sell your home at a higher price. Their primary focus is to close one deal and move on to the next. When an agent presents a potential buyer to you, it might not be the best deal in the market, and the agent may only be rushing to close the deal and move on to the next client.

They may fail to spend extra effort marketing your property, leading to a lower deal. Therefore, much as your agent looks for a buyer, you need to check and see your home’s current market prices so that you determine the best prices.

The Bottom Line

The tips above about the real estate agent will help you set the right ground and understand the appropriate terms of operation to maintain a smooth flow and a good relationship with the agent.

Today, most homeowners seek the help of real estate agents when they want to sell a house. There are many realtors today, and everyone has their way of running projects. However, there is the basic information you need to know about your real estate agent to understand some crucial elements that will help you in the long run.

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