8 Surprising Ways To Build A Balustrade By: Jim Pullman

Explore Different Stylish Ways To Build Your Balustrade

Balustrades are a type of fencing commonly used for balconies and stairs. They are made by arranging repeating balusters in line with posts connecting the top of a rail in a railing. They add a beautiful finishing touch to the stairs and balconies and are essential for safety.

Before constructing a balustrade, ensure you consider your home’s style and how far the stairs or the balcony id from the ground. If the balcony or staircase is over I meter from the ground, the balustrade should be a meter high, and the spacing should not be more than 125 mm.

If the staircase or balcony is over 4 meters from the ground, the balustrades should not have climbable elements like horizontal rails between 150-760 mm off the ground.

Also, ensure that they can withstand external forces like being leaned against and strong winds. There are different ways in which you can build your balustrades.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel balustrades have been used even in the past. They are a great option, whether you want them for indoors or outdoors. They also work well with other building materials, and you can use different handrails with them.

They are also a good choice because you can have different coatings depending on the style you want. That makes them especially perfect for coastal areas, where the atmosphere can corrode the metal.

They add a luxurious look to your home and can go with most styles and materials. They are durable and robust and require minimum maintenance. Stainless steel also doesn’t absorb substances, meaning it is not contaminated easily.

Stainless steel balustrades are also environmentally friendly because they do not rust. For the best stainless steel balustrades, get in touch with Miami Stainless. They have the highest quality stainless steel and will deliver to you whenever you need them.

2. Glass

Glass balustrades add a modern, classic look to your house. They create unobstructed views, and since they are made of toughened glass, they are completely safe. Also, children cannot climb on them.

The glass can either be semi-transparent, transparent, frosted, etched, or tinted as the balustrades are made from glass panels that are frameless, semi-framed, or fully framed. The glass panels can be framed with stainless steel, or aluminum and they come in different powder coat colors and designs.

They are perfect around the pool and balconies because they provide safety without blocking your view, and they also make the place appear more spacious. Due to their ability to attract dust, ensure you clean them regularly.

3. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a strong material that can withstand all weather conditions as it does not rust or rot. They can be customized and finished in different colors, giving you the ability to choose the style you want them to add to your house.

Wrought iron needs low maintenance but needs to be coated and sealed often to avoid rust.

4. Wood

Wood balusters are perfect if you are going for a traditional classic finish to your house. Depending on your preference, wooden balustrades can be painted in different colors or stained. They can also be curved or have engravings on them.

Due to humidity, wood rot, and pests, you often need to stain or paint the balustrades. Also, ensure that the handrails weigh the same or less than the balustrades because of stability.

5. Aluminum

Aluminum balustrades are a perfect option if you are on a low budget. You can use them either indoors or outdoors, and they are durable because they do not rust, making them perfect for all weather conditions. Also, they do not require a lot of maintenance.

Powder coatings give the aluminum a beautiful shine, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

6. Strand wire

Strand wire offers a contemporary look, and they are easy to maintain. However, due to the regulations on the amount of wire needed to ensure safety, they can look busy. They also come with different choices of handrails.

7. Iron

You can match iron balustrades with handrails and a staircase made of steel, and can also be used with wooden staircases. You can also customize them because of their ability to bend.

8. Cement

Cement balustrades add a Grecian or Tuscan look to your house. They are mainly used outside, but you can also use them inside, but with staircases made from cement.

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