7 Tips To Buying A Jewellery On A Shoestring Budget By: Lisa Eclesworth

Although some jewelry you want might be out of your current budget, there are ways to get what you want without breaking into your savings or robbing a bank. In fact, if you are on a budget or feeling thrifty, there are ways to buy a variety of beautiful and unique pieces that can add to your collection of silver or gold.

Although these techniques do not work all at once on every day of the week, if you are careful as well as patient, you can nab premium pieces that were originally out of your established price limit. Moreover, it is important to understand that buying on a budget is much different than buying budget jewelry. If you want to stick to your budget, you never really have to compromise quality or customer service.

  1. Go time

When you shop outside of the regular buying season, you have a better chance at landing a deal. When it comes to jewelry, you should shop after major holidays or on Tuesdays following holiday weekends. Many stores might run a special to generate more sales.

In addition to seasonal jewelry shopping, you should also take into consideration that many boutiques offer daily or weekly sales. If you visit the site often enough, you can eventually catch a promotion in progress.

  1. How you buy

If you use credit cards that offer cash back, you should wait until you earn enough cash on your credit card to purchase jewelry. Doing so will allow you to never have to use one dollar of your own money. Instead, your credit card paybacks will pay for your collection.

  1. Where you buy

You should purchase at boutiques that operate online-only stores. Doing so will help you avoid the markup that retail locations add to the base price in order to pay leases and property maintenance. If you restrict your purchases of boutique jewellery to online jewelers, you will also save money by not having to spend money on gas to drive to the store.

  1. Finding the right piece

When you finally find several pieces of a set that you want to purchase, you should purchase the most affordable item first and save the others for later when a promotion might save you money or when you have enough rewards on your credit card.

  1. Shipping

Simply put, you should shop at a boutique that does not charge customers shipping.

  1. Notifications

If you are in doubt as to any upcoming promotions, you can ask the online representative when you might expect the best promotion to hit the website. You can also inform the person that you want to be put on a list that goes out to prospective customers. Doing so will ensure you are kept in the loop on the next sales event.

  1. Knowing where to look

Knowing where to look does not mean knowing what store to shop. Instead, it involves understanding that an online retailer has its website organized in a certain manner that is analogous to how a store might organize its shelves.

For instance, in a real-world store, there are signs on the front door that advertise discounts or sales. These signs are often at the register as well. However, when you shop online, you need to know where to look on the site’s front page. The first place to look is above the fold, which is the area of the page visible on a typical screen. Usually, you can see a banner that you can scroll through, and if you scroll through enough items, you might be able to find a promotional banner.

Additionally, you can look at the very top of the screen. At the top of some boutiques, you will see the current promotions. This particular type of top-screen banner will not be as large as a page banner, so you should pay attention when you visit a site.

The final place to look is in the shopping cart. When you prepare to finish the sale, you should look for a section that requires a coupon code. If such a section exists, the retailer does offer coupons. You just have to find them. Fortunately, finding them simply involves an online search of something like this: “sample store coupon.” Google will then show the results for all the different coupon sites that might have a coupon for that sample store

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