4 Common Reasons Why Art Is Important

why art is important

Art classes in public schools have been on the chopping block for over a decade now. Districts are labeling art an elective and edging it out of the core curriculum to ensure that it doesn’t need a big chunk of the budget.

The problem? Art is an important part of childhood development and without it, kids may not be tapping into vital skills from a young age.

To understand why art belongs everywhere from schools to museums, let’s take a closer look at why art is important. 

Read on to uncover the four most common reasons that demonstrate the importance of art for everyone.

  1. Art Increases Creativity

When given the chance to create art, even beginners will find that their imagination is activated. A blank canvas opens up opportunities to explore shape, color, and texture in ways that we can’t access through writing or even photography. Whether the artist is working within the boundaries of set rules or styles or coming up with something new, art encourages and increases creative skills. 

  1. Art Evokes Emotions

No matter how old you are, it’s not always easy to put your emotions into words. Sometimes, we know the words that are often used to describe an emotion but still don’t feel as though those words fit. That’s where visual art comes in.

Good art is emotionally evocative. It might make us feel nostalgic or lonely, humored or antagonized–art can tap into every human emotion. This emotional experience is important for both artists and appreciators of art.

  1. Art Changes the Way We Think

From a young age, art is an important tool for development. It aids in the progress of hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It also deepens cognitive abilities like expression, communication, empathy, and problem-solving.

As a result, practicing different artforms doesn’t just improve an artist’s technique or help them find their personal style. It can improve their ability to write, read, and even do math.

  1. Art Brings Beauty to Life

What is the most simple answer to the question, “Why is art important?” Art brings beauty to our lives. It is enriching to view art, therapeutic to create art, and enlivening to decorate with art.

For example, take a look at these examples of escapism art. Though we can find these colors and shapes in nature, only an artist can create these exact configurations. Who would want to live in a world that didn’t encourage such beautiful creations?

Understand Why Art Is Important to Everyone

In our m modern world where money is often prioritized over everything else, art is often shoved to the wayside. The problem is that without art, we would lose so much of the emotion, beauty, and personal development we need. Understanding why art is important can help to create a stronger argument in favor of keeping art in school and elsewhere.

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