4 Off-beat places in Goa which you should definitely include in your itinerary

Goa is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking to have a lot of fun and parties. The shacks, the never-ending parties, exceptional food there is everything for a person who loves the high life. But what if you are looking out for something more soulful? 

Most of the time, people generally go with the thought that Goa is a destination that only attracts the younger generations due to its wild exuberance and therefore, they drop Goa from their bucket list and plan to visit a place which is more tranquil and explorable. But remember guys, Goa is not just about the trance music and rave parties but beneath that is something exceptional, an extra-ordinary Goanese experience waiting for you to be discovered. So, if you have the opportunity next time to go to Goa, here are the 4 ultimate offbeat places to be in Goa that will bestow you the opportunity to have a rendezvous with your inner self. 

4 Offbeat Places to Be at

Goa, one of the smallest states of India has kept some of the biggest treasures hidden inside it. All you need to do is to keep your cliched thoughts aside and plan a trip to Goa. We have dived deep into the ocean to find you the ultimate treasured locations of Goa to be at while visiting. 

  • Butterfly Conservatory 

Goa is full of surprises. There are lush green spice plantations, beautiful undiscovered jungles, forts and about a hundred of historic places to be at. You can just ride anywhere you feel you will find the tranquillity and beauty of nature and you will have it. Another way to amuse yourself on your trip to Goa is by exploring the butterfly conservatory. This one of a kind place is popping with beautifully colored butterflies, some of them also being endangered species. These little fluttering things are hard to resist, they are gorgeous and you will surely have a delightful experience. Imagine the beautiful selfies that you can click here, for blowing your followers’ minds with great snapshots. 

But the best part is yet to come. You can also feed these little visual delights. Yes, buy some fresh juicy fruits and these little things will be drawn towards you in no time. Some of the highlights of this exploration include watching the butterflies collect nectar, it is a very exciting thing to do on your Goa trip and we are sure no party story can match yours. 

Furthermore, after you are done having your fun in the conservatory, you can come down to the golden sandy beach where you can have some sunbath, cherish the lone moments and just when the sun starts to set, see it going down in the pristine water of the sea emitting the orangish tone everywhere. It is a perfect conclusion for a day spent alone in nature. Also, don’t forget to explore the night markets for buying any souvenir you need for your friends and family. 

  • A walk in the Spice Plantation

The spice plantations are one of the most offbeat places to be in Goa. It is usually ignored by the party animals as they find it tad boring but not you. If you love to explore the authenticity of any place you travel to, we are sure here is the high-dose of history nature and some organic farming. 

Here are the aromatic fresh plantations where you can learn about various spices, how are they growing them here and some hands down organic farming tips to brighten your day up. You can visit the Savoi plantations or Sahakar spice farm, as they are the most famous plantations in Goa. And also, you can enjoy the walk in the lush green, natural beauty, buy a plant you can grow back home. Don’t forget to say hello to the elephants here, you can lend them an extra hand to bathe and enjoy a ride on their back. 

  • Goan Backwaters – Go Crab Catching

No trip is complete until you can say you have learned something from the adventure. What can be more fun than catching some juicy crabs for your dinner right? Well, getting hold of crabs isn’t easy at all. You will have to get your hands dirty and they are pretty scary with their clackity-clack claws. But don’t worry, here everything is taken care of. You will be made to learn how to use Kobblem, a type of homemade nets to catch and trap the crabs. In Goan backwaters or the seaside, there are a variety of crabs available. You can talk to the locals here they are very friendly and warm people who love the company of tourists. So, just tag along and you will have your very own brandished little adventure to get your “party-hard” friends jealous.

  • Romantic Sunset Cruise Mandovi River

If you are a romantic by heart, here is a treat. Now the crucial information you must have while being on a Goa trip is that GTDC the Goa Tourism Development Corporation runs a cruise on Mandovi river during the daytime, sunsets and night. It is one of a kind experience, and the best part is you can take a Panaji Jetty down the Mondovi river into the Zuari bay or go to Aldona and mineral water spring from Mandovi.  But if you want to explore more, you can even choose to get on board on exclusive cruises, boat tours by private companies for crocodile and dolphin spotting.


Goa is an amazing place, it has so much variety that not only it serves as a paradise of the party lovers but also is a great opportunity for travel in you. For more interesting details such as this to plan a trip perfectly, visit LBB to get more info on Goa.