Why it’s dangerous to follow social networks of your ex: 5 reasons

Crossing him/her out of your life, you will not stop bumping into them on social networks. They store everything, including his/her posts and photos, the constant viewing of which leads to a variety of troubles.

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So, here is the reason you should never check the page/profile of your ex ever again:

  1. Stalking your ex is wasting your time

Evaluating his or her life without you is pouring down the drain your valuable life resource – time. Even if you don’t do this a lot, the viewing time adds up to a noticeable period of time. It can be spent with greater benefit, for example, to build your new relationship, build your dream career, or just have fun.

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  1. You hurt yourself with memories

Even though you broke up eventually, this relationship must have had some pleasant moments anyway. Bumping into information about your ex, intentionally or not, takes you back and makes you experience those positive emotions again. But the relationship is ended, which means that the negative has outweighed – and then the pain pops up. Moreover, the human psyche remembers unpleasant events better, which means that they will inevitably come up and bring sadness, despondency, and resentment.

  1. You might get back together

Don’t do this. Never. Ever. If this relationship has ended, it means there were weighty reasons for this. Our mind tends to romanticize past relationships, no matter how painful they were. It is a trick, deceit, a game your brain is playing with you. Whenever you think of going back, remember that you want to start dating an illusion in your head, not a human being you were in a relationship with. Keep this in mind, hold yourself together, and don’t let this person hurt you again. 

  1. You compare yourself with their current love interest

If your ex has a new girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife, tracking their social networks may be interesting to you because you want to see his/her current companion. The main reason to wonder about this, isn’t it? You want to see who he/she exchanged you for and compare this person with yourself. Sometimes such a comparison may seem to you, not in your favor, and it gives rise to resentment, flowing into depression. Nobody wants to lose.

  1. You can miss the opportunity to build a new relationship

If you study the “reports” of your ex-chosen one about his adventures, then you still think about him/her about your relationship. It means that you live these past relationships “in absentia”. You are still in this relationship, and while this happens, you cannot build the new one. There simply isn’t enough room for it in your life.

It’s time to decide what is more important – the illusory benefits of awareness or real relationships, filled with lively emotions and events. And your new love is closer than you think – just open the HookupGeek website and choose the dating service.


Unfollow your ex and create space in your life to thrive.