4 Tips For Increasing Efficiency In The Workplace

Improving employee productivity and increasing efficiency is something that all businesses can benefit from. A good workplace environment promotes better team productivity and employee commitment to a company, resulting in more happy customers and workers. So, here are 4 tips for increasing efficiency in the workplace:

  1. Optimize employee communications.

Good communication in the workplace is crucial, as it can prevent conflicts, facilitate the flow of better ideas, and strengthen working relationships between employees. Holding regular Scrum Meetings, or setting up an internal chat system, are actions that are easy to implement and deliver guaranteed results.

For those unaware, a Scrum Meeting is a scheduled meeting that is used to get all employees working on a project on the same page. It can be scheduled on a weekly or daily basis and during it, team members give updates on the current status of their work, as well as their upcoming tasks. It helps the team to adapt and synchronize their tasks enabling projects to be completed more efficiently.

Implementing an internal chat system can also improve communication in the workplace. When employees are able to instant message each other, there is an immediate reduction in the number of internal emails, calls, and physical trips between workstations.

  1. Use technology to automate processes.

There are now endless technologies in the marketplace that are designed to increase efficiency in a company. Check out this online work schedule maker. Another example is SPOC (Single Point of Contact), which automates customer services. SPOC collects multiple inputs before aligning them for processing. Customers receive less interaction with employees, but they perceive their requests are handled more efficiently, and satisfaction with and confidence in a business increases. The aim is to use automation to reduce the human hours tasks take to complete.

  1. Promote frequent small breaks.

Multiple studies have concluded that taking small breaks from mental work by, for example, going for a short stroll, improves attention and efficiency. For longer tasks, taking regular small breaks is one of the easiest ways to increase attention and focus according to a professor of psychology from the University of Illinois. The logic behind it is that the brain is designed to constantly scan the environment and respond to changes. Therefore, working on the same task for hours and hours on end is counterproductive as a person’s attention diminishes without new stimulation.

  1. Plan fun motivation activities for employees.

A healthy, productive work environment is made up of motivated, happy employees. Organizing fun activities can help strengthen relationships between coworkers and build cohesion between different company departments. Celebrations can also be a great way for bosses to show gratitude to employees for their commitment to a company.