5 Tips To Complimenting A Girl Well

Most men have a general idea on how to compliment girls.

But most don’t know how to compliment girls the way girls want to be complimented!

And this is why when most guys compliment girls they:

  1. Seem creepy
  2. Aren’t creative enough with their compliments
  3. Compliment too often
  4. Don’t compliment enough
  5. Etc.

The good news is that like any skill, with practice and a little guidance, you can improve! So let’s get started with the 5 tips to compliment a girl well:

Be confident while complimenting a girl

Girls love compliments from confident guys.

Girls hate compliments from needy guys.

The lesson: make sure you’re feeling a calm confidence before you compliment any girl, otherwise you’ll seem creepy.

So how can you feel confident before giving a compliment?

  1. Take deep breaths
  2. Stand up straight (confident body language will make you feel more confident)
  3. Just do it! Don’t give your mind the time to think of every possible way it can go wrong

Now that you’re feeling good about yourself, how can you actually sound confident while giving the compliment? Easy:

  1. Give it with an authentic smile (fake smiles are the worst )
  2. Sound happy
  3. Look at her in the eyes
  4. Say it at a normal pace (most guys rush compliments to “get it over with”)

Follow these rules and you’ll be the most confident guy in town!

Compliment her dress

Most guys say things like:

  1. You look nice
  2. You look amazing
  3. You look pretty

It’s boring and it definitely doesn’t make the girl feel special.

Here’s a better idea: compliment her dress, for example:

  1. I’m loving that red dress, how did you know red dresses are my weakness?
  2. That dress looks perfect on you
  3. I just had to approach you, your dress is simply stunning

And because most guys aren’t creative enough with their compliments, you’ll really stand out with these, plus your chances with this girl will be much higher.

Compliment her eyes

Girls love receiving compliments about their eyes because they are super personal compliments.

However, I always wait to compliment a girl’s eyes till the first or second date because any earlier can be too much for a girl.

Here are some good examples :

  1. You have the most impressive blue eyes ever, you look so cute, how is this even possible!
  2. You’re making all the other girls jealous with your perfect eyes, keep them closed!
  3. Your eyes stand out in the most perfect ways that I can’t stop looking at them…

Compliment her personality

You don’t need to fall into the trap that every compliment needs to be about a girl’s body.

The truth is that many girls enjoy a good compliment about their personality.

Here are some examples:

  1. You’re a smart girl, how did you figure that out?
  2. I’ve never met such a caring girl
  3. You are so loving and compassionate

Don’t give compliments all the time

My last tip for giving compliments is not to give compliments…


What I mean is, don’t give compliments all the time and here’s why:

When you overcomplimet a girl you are making yourself sound super needy as if you wanted to get something out from her which is creepy.

You’re also making your girl feel like a child that needs constant validation and no one likes to feel that way.

Remember: too much of anything good is bad.


I’ve given you many examples of what you can tell a girl, but now I want you to get creative.

I want you to come up with some of your own compliments and actually use them!

And don’t worry about getting rejected, if you just follow the rules we’ve already laid out, girls will be happy to accept your compliments.