5 Ways to Evaluate Your SEO Performance

You need to know exactly what metrics you are going to need to look at when you are trying to evaluate your performance after purchasing one of the Best SEO Packages . There are a few things to consider, such as the rankings of your various keywords, amount of organic traffic, time being spent on each page of your site and much more. Keep reading on so that you can find out some more of the top metrics to be looking at to determine your performance level. This guide on SEO for dummies discusses everything a beginner should know.

Metrics to Use for Evaluation

When it comes to looking and seeing how the SEO packages are doing for you there are some metrics that you need to look at. Some of these metrics include the following:

  1. Keyword ranking

One of the major ways that you can see your performance level in this sector is by the ranking of your various keywords. You want to find out what keywords are being used to find your website and how many people are using those to hit your URL. You should make sure that you are finding the right ones and if you aren’t getting a lot of hits, then you should consider changing them up.

    2. Amount of organic traffic

Organic traffic are the visitors that are coming to your page after doing a search and this is a great way to see how your performance is going. You want to have a high level in this area since that means that you are doing something right. It also means that your keywords are being searched a lot and you are reaching the top ranks and more visitors are clicking on your link than others.
    3. Time spent on each page

You want the customers and viewers to spend a good amount of time on your pages, which is why you need to see just how long they are spending. Make the pages a place where they would want to read and see what is being said before navigating to another page. The more time that they are spending on these pages, then the more good intention Google will see, which can help to increase your ranking.
    4. Bounce rate

You need to see just how many people are bouncing from your page, which means that they are opening it and then leaving it after a few seconds. This is important because if there are a few pages that this is happening consistently with, then there are some problems. You should make sure to look at this and you want to have the lowest bounce rate as possible.

     5. New and previous visitors

You are going to want to look and see how many of the visitors that are coming to your page are new and which ones are old. You can do this by checking your Google Analytics account where you will find the data under Audience > Overview. The more returning visitors you have, then the more memorable your page is and the more loyalty you are earning from them.

These are only a few of the top ways that you can see just how well you are performing in this sector, so go ahead and make sure to use them to find out.

If you have recently purchased one of the many SEO packages you are going to be wondering how well your website is performing. There are numerous metrics and ways you can tell this, including how well the keywords you are using are ranking. Also, you should make sure that you are looking at the bounce rate for your pages as well as how long the visitors are staying on your page.