Can An Air Filter Decrease Bacteria In The Home?

Having an air conditioning unit at home may feel like a true lifesaver, particularly during the hottest months of the summer. Being constantly exposed to high temperatures can prevent your body from cooling properly and may result in heat exhaustion or heat stroke. A functioning AC is an amazing piece of technology that has helped save countless lives.

Should you be concerned about the air you and your loved ones are breathing?

Breathing clean, fresh air is something everyone knows is good for your health and that’s fine when you are outdoors. But what about the air that is in your home? Can you be sure it’s free from germs, bacteria, and other impurities? These organisms thrive in areas where hot, damp, or humid air is present so that illnesses and diseases may soon follow.

While we might never even think twice about the life-saving effect of an air conditioning unit, it is an amazing blessing to be able to enjoy this convenience and the benefits it offers to our health.

How often should you replace your air filter at home?

Manufacturers recommend that air filters be changed every 30 to 60 days. Although if people in your home suffer from allergies it may be necessary to replace them more often.

What exactly do air filters do?

The main job of an air filter is to capture particles, debris, and dust before they reenter your AC. and thus protect the integrity of your equipment. Another air filter that may be present in your home is one for your furnace, and it’s there for the same reason: to protect the equipment.

Both of those filters need to be in good working condition in order to prevent these floating particles from causing extensive damage and, eventually, shutting down your AC or furnace.

Install the best Filter to Remove Contaminants in the Air

It is quite common for viruses and bacteria to become airborne and disperse throughout any area of your home when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Filter King air filters help eliminate indoor pollutants, making breathing much easier.

20x20x1 Air Filters for Furnaces and AC: Superior Filtration Efficiency

20x20x1 air filters for furnaces and AC are designed to offer you superior filtration efficiency, and help improve the air quality of your home. They are a simple, cost-effective solution for a healthier home environment, free of airborne allergens and other particles that may trigger, among others, allergy and asthma symptoms.

Made with an electrostatically charged synthetic material that draws and captures allergens, they eliminate lint, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, dust, pet dander , and more.

Why install a 20x20x1 air filter?

Because it will help keep your AC unit working efficiently and minimize the strain on the motor. When your unit runs properly, it consumes less energy, and in the long run, will require less maintenance and have a longer life. Additionally, an efficient AC unit and furnace will have a positive impact on your utility bill.

About Filter King AC and Furnace Air Filters

Filter King is a leading supplier of filtration solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. They are known for constantly innovating and improving the technology of their filters in order to achieve more efficient filtration while being more environmentally friendly. Sign up for your subscription today, and never run out of filters.