6 Best Netflix Shows Everyone Is Watching Around You During Cvoid-19 Lockdown

The year 2020 has been harder than we could have imagined. The global pandemic Covid-19 has gripped the world. Scientists, researchers, and doctors are working in full capacity to come up with a solution to control the situation. Streets are presenting a deserted look and globally the death is taking a toll. 

To avoid the spreading of disease, the lockdown has been imposed globally. The lockdown has left people with no choice, apart from keeping themselves busy watching movies and TV series. Apart from the ever so famous Spectrum Channel Lineup, streaming platforms are also providing loads of entertainment and Netflix is no exception. 

If you want to kill the boredom during the lockdown, Netflix is an ultimate source of entertainment offering TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more. If you want to spend quality time at your home, make sure to have a look at some of the Netflix shows that everyone around you is watching. Let’s take a dive and find what’s in it for you. 

Dear White People

Dear White People is a popular Netflix show based on the movie of a similar name. The series is based around a group of color students studying at Winchester University. The majority of students studying predominantly belong to white Ivy League College. 

The students are confronted with ethnic bias, slick politics, social prejudice, and injudicious politicking. The show portrays the ongoing racial issues through satire, wit, self-deprecation, and brutal uprightness. 

Orange Is the New Black

Piper Chapman works as a public relations executive with an excelling career. Suddenly she is caught up by her past when in her mid-30s she is penalized to spend time in a minimum-security prison for being in contact with a drug dealer 10 years earlier. 

Orange Is the New Black is an original Netflix series based on the book of the same name. During her captivity, she has been forced to trade power suits for prison orange. Chapman tries her best to mold her life accordingly behind bars. She makes friends with unusual, unconventional, and mysterious people. If you are inclined towards prison life, this Netflix series is surely for you. 


There is no perfect show to binge-watch on Netflix other than “Community”. If your tummy hasn’t tingled for a while, just grab your popcorns and lock your room. You would run insane watching this show that centers on a group of undergrads at a community college with a mix of witty humor and smart gags. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the popular shows people around you are watching. If supernatural and fantasy genre entices you, buckle up because this show is going to grip you. The fourth season is yet to come and date has not been decided yet. 

“Stranger Things” is centered on a group of charming and nerdy teens, who are faced with unexpected supernatural activity. The series holds everything for everyone as it combines friendship, horror, humor, and mystery all knitted together in one show. 

The Good Place

If life after death entices you, The Good Place has everything for you to keep you engaged and knitted to your seat. People who have been good throughout their lives and have passed away inhabit the town named “The Good Place”. 

Michael is the designer of the town and supervises it. Eleanor who arrives in the town finds that everything is wrong. She isn’t destined to be in “The Good Place”. With the help of her soul mate Chidi, she attempts to right her wrongs – finally earning her spot in a good place. 

Jane the Virgin 

Jane Villanueva, a daughter of a teen mother has aimed not to repeat the mistakes made by her mom. Jane at the age of 23 is living a stable life. She is engaged to a detective and studying to be a teacher. The detective backs her to remain a virgin until they are married. However, things aren’t exactly the same after she visits a clinic. Her life turned upside down when she was inseminated by a sample meant for the patient in the next room. If you want to know what happens next, watch Jane the Virgin. 

Summing Up 

Spending time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown isn’t easy, especially if you are outgoing and social. These Netflix shows are going to give you enough supply of entertainment to kill your boredom at home. Enjoy watching.