A Guide for Choosing the Right Cordless Strimmers

Do you want to keep your lawn neatly edged or cut down a meadow? It can be hard to tackle grass and weeds in tight corners and other awkward locations. This is where a grass strimmer comes in handy. 

Whether you are working around obstacles like trees or furniture, navigating slope or rough terrain or simply tidying your lawn edges that a mower can’t access, a cordless strimmer can be your go to tool.

Though strimmers are available in corded and other variants, a cordless strimmer is more beneficial, compact and lightweight. Accessing the remote corners without the hassles of trailing power cables or jarring sound are its main advantages. So, if you are looking for the best grass trimmers or strimmers, here’s the best place to compare cordless strimmers and understand what features set it apart:

Battery Platform

Before you decide on which cordless grass strimmers to consider, it’s best to understand what battery platforms power them up. This way, you can get a headstart if you are already familiar and possess compatible batteries or chargers to use with the strimmer. You can stick to one platform. Even if you don’t have cordless tools, it’s worth knowing what options are available on the battery platform before deciding.

Battery Power

Once you have accessed the several battery platforms of grass strimmers, you may have found that lithium-ion is the most dominant and efficient. Lithium-ion batteries combined with high-torque motors offer the best durability, less mechanical wear and improved power to make your lawn maintenance hassle-free. Assess the strength of lithium-ion machines to make an informed decision.


The most rudimentary feature to check in modern cordless strimmers is its voltage. The higher the voltage, the more power. Most strimmers come with voltages ranging from 18v to 40v, surpassing most industrial power tools’ efficiency.

Capacity of Battery

Apart from the voltage that determines the motor’s power and its efficiency, it’s also vital to check the runtime of the battery. This way, you can know how long you have to complete your tasks before the cordless strimmers need a recharge. Depending on your lawn’s size, you can narrow down on the right battery capacity. Most manufacturers list the capacity as per the amp-hour ratings. The higher the hours, the longer the battery will stay. Professional landscapers may want to invest in higher capacities and also keep charged spares handy to get them through their tasks.

The Shape of the Tool

The shape and type of shaft the strimmers have is another essential feature to consider. While some users may find a curved edge easier to handle, others may prefer a straight shaft. Depending on your lawn cutting needs and access to remote spaces, you can choose the right model that makes your job easier. Also, consider the tool’s length and whether it’s adjustable to ensure comfortable and seamless operation.

Cutting Swathe

This term usually refers to the cutting diameter. The cutting diameter will play a pivotal role in how far you can reach those narrow spaces in your garden, and they are measured in cm. If your garden has trickier areas, opt for cordless strimmers with more than average cutting swathe of  25 to 30 cm.

Accessories and Variants

Most cordless grass trimmers can come with add-ons like heavy-duty brush cutter that can be apt to tackle foliage of overgrown weeds or thick clumps. It may be worth investing in such add-ons depending on your cutting requirements. For an intensive clearance, brush cutters can also throw off debris that may come in your way. 

 Light Body

The compactness and weight of the model matters a great deal. This can ensure that you can work long hours without getting exhausted and indulge in a painless chore for a relaxing break from your routine work.

Cordless grass strimmers have evolved as the latest technology to make your grass and meadow edges looking neat. With affordable and efficient solutions, ensure that you invest in the right tool. Make an informed decision after making valuable assessments at the best place to compare cordless strimmers.

Bio: Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.