Design a verification tool

We create this tool for you that designed the best email verification for you. We developed TheChecker software where you find very easily that your email is real or not. The checker is the best well-known tool in the whole world. Here you can not only verify your email but you also know many things about your email.

No need to fill a form

You don’t need to fill the form or any application for the email verification purpose. You can check it very easily through our software. We are designed it very easy. We try to save your time and money. This software is free of cost.

What you can do for verification?

You just write your email at the given block and then click the ok button. You also just press the enter button, when you press to enter the email is start working. Your email MX report sends to the mail server SMTP.

So the SMTP sends you an email verification mail. So when you received the verification mail it means you have a real account. You are the real user of this email address. After the verification of email, it runs so friendly and fast.

Don’t receive a verification email

If you don’t receive email verification then you used a fake account domain or maybe you used the hacked account. This will never safe you in future from different types of issues. Might be your personal information is leaked; your business information is not secured in this account.

Use of Email

Now, most of the business is deal through the email service. So for that, you can use email checker to make sure that you used a real domain account. When you are satisfied that you used real one account so, you can save you all business deals comfortably on the email.

How much time did you use this software?

You can use the software to check the email 5 times a day. This is totally free and you don’t need to pay for that. You can use it freely. This is so flexible in use and friendly too. You can use this software not only for the protection of your email but you can also use it for some other purpose.

These software safes you’re all detail, your chat from another user, your pictures in the mail server, your other projects. Once you use this software you will never deny its importance because you know after the use that this is the best software for you to check your email on a daily bases.

Mobile free

You can use it on your mobile also. You can use email verification service by your mobile phone. This is easily loaded on mobile also. This is so light weighted website. so don’t worry and use it. We give you so many opportunities for that. Millions of people use this service to connect with their privacy.

The wrong users will never make your target to destroy your privacy and leaked your information easily because we are connected with you to remove these issues.