Does Your Child Love Science? Read On

Science, the world of facts, experiments, observations and everything else that calls for a ‘wonder!’ Science boasts the largest number of career paths under its umbrella ranging from geography to technology, from robotics to engineering. However, there are very rare people in the world who has the dedication to follow the path of science, some are born with the passion, and the others develop the love growing up.

And if your child is one of them, buckle up to get on a humpy-bumpy ride. But, fret not, all your efforts are going to be worth it when you will see your little one beaming in success! Your child isn’t from the usual lot if he loves science from such an early age and your raising can’t be ordinary either. So, here’s a list of tips by Etutorwotrld to help you raise your science maestro:

Early Education is the key

The idea of daycares, nurseries, and kindergarten in museums and science centres is relatively new, but there is nothing better than this to encourage the scientist in your child. These science centres and museums will provide him with an environment of science in everyday life and encourage his curiosity. He will grow up in a background of experiments, and artefacts which would certainly add heat to his already burning science-fire!

Boost his curiosity

If you are ready to observe, you will see the whole world is filled with wonders and science. If it’s about your child, its already about you – so step in the world of science together to explore the heights your little one can climb. This would naturally encourage the curiosity he was already born with. Start learning things together, encourage his constant inquisitive behaviour, participate in science quizzes and do everything you can to give your child the required push. For example, if someday he asks you how something works, like how does water boil? Then rather than just simply answering to him, show him how to cook and rejoice the wonder on his face!

Get a Tutor

In life, we all, at some point of time need guidance, mentoring, or a ray of light showing direction. This is what a tutor would do. Like I mentioned in the previous point, if you encourage your child’s curiosity, it will keep the passion alive – a tutor does the same thing! The only difference is he would do it from an expert’s vision which would naturally make him/her better. The fact is, he has got years of experience of nurturing numerous such talents and young minds in this genre of facts and experiments. I have been a huge fan of Science throughout my life. So when I moved to grade 10th, my mom provided me with a 10th grade science help in the form of a tutor and I can never be enough thankful.

Give real-world exposure

Most of the times, children deviate from a particular field of study because of the lack of knowledge of the career options available. So, it’s always wise to keep your little one aware of the turns available for him in the path that he has chosen. While visiting a zoo, give him insights on how the life of a biologist works. Tell him how careers of scientists revolve around laboratories. Give him the real picture and see if the passion still survives, if it does – it’s here to stay!

Explore the hubs of Science

Your child is not like the usual lot, so your hang-around destinations shouldn’t be usual either. So, take your child to science centres, museums, laboratories, and everything else that screams ‘Science.’ Museums have so much more to them, then just history and archaeology. They teach you about, palaeontology, zoology, biology, geology, conservation, and much more. In fact, there are flight and technology museums out there teaching children about aeronautics, and inventions.

Buy them science indulged toys

Don’t worry, I am not going to talk about scientific calculators and chemicals, I know it’s too early for that! While growing up, toys can embark a great impact on the child’s perception. So whenever you are in the shops, making the purchase, keep ‘Science’ in mind. Things like robotics, mechanics, and telescopes are fun and also fulfil this criterion. He would explore, have fun, and at the same time learn.

In life, we should NEVER force things in someone’s life, especially when they are children. Instead as a parent, it’s your duty to water the little bud into a beautiful flower.