E-sports from the perspective of a bookmakers and online casino operators

The online gambling industry does not stand still; it is developing daily and betting is no exception. Once again, this statement was proved by the fact that now the famous world gambling sources operators and web online casino have started accepting money with outcomes on eSports! Now, gamers from all countries can bet even with BTC on the outcome of an event in the e-Sports world. Bookmakers and operators of online casinos are primarily interested in the adult audience, which has a stable income and enjoys computer games. These people without regret can spend part of their income on their favorite hobby and try out new options.

Cybersport (E-Sports) is a popular hobby abroad. Players from all over the world compete with each other in such popular video games as Counterstrike, Dota 2, WoW (World of Warcraft) and League of Legends. Manufacturers are ready to invest heavily in organizing tournaments in these disciplines in order to popularize and advertise their products.


The developer of the League of Legends – Riot Games Corporation, independently determines the format of the events, appoints a prize fund and concludes agreements with gamers. RGC holds events of the highest level with an excellent selection of participating teams. Valve, best known for creating the iconic Dota 2 game, hosts only one serious annual event that is familiar to all eSports fans – The International. Last year, the competition prize pool reached $ 34+ million!

In one year, 4 major Counter-Strike: GO tournaments are held, with a prize pool of $ 250,000. Participants in such events usually live by playing they post recordings of their game battles on YouTube or broadcast live on Twitch. Grateful fans encourage the work of their idols by donating them money to electronic wallets and personal cards.

Betting on e-sports tournaments in online casinos

The bookmakers and casino operators paid attention to the development of the Cyberport and made the right conclusions: in the near future, betting on computer games will bring a good profit. Tournaments are watched by thousands of fans from all over the world, and blogs of leading players are becoming popular tabloids. Initially, it was possible to bet on e-sports in Steam, but now this option has appeared at well-known bookmakers and online casinos.

Not only the bookmakers, but the gamers themselves are trying to get income from e-sports betting. Some even create public pages in social networks in which they post detailed analytics and give their forecasts on the outcome of a particular event. Some of these forecasters are really well-versed in e-sports, but the quality of advice from most of them is a big question.

Immediate prospects

Bets on e-Sports do not have any differences with standard bets on sports events – betters try to guess the winning team, for which they will receive a certain win. But since this industry has appeared on the gambling market relatively recently, many e-sports players at a low level come up with a sinful idea: why not bet on yourself, then “lose” the fight and get your money? To avoid such incidents, owners of gambling businesses and trusted online casinos currently only accept bets on the most serious tournaments and competitions.

We should also note that at this stage of development, bookmakers are not well versed in e-sports. Sometimes they give out incorrectly calculated coefficients, allowing smart players to extract their financial benefits from this. It often happens that gamers have more information about the favorites of e-sports tournaments than the employees of betting websites that set odds. Companies are trying to level this deficiency with high margins (fixed profit of the betting website) for e-sports bet rates, which sometimes reaches 13-20%. In sports betting, for example, this value rarely exceeds 5%. Big difference.

Analysts believe that eSports will only become more popular in the future.

Last year, 112 serious events took place in the world of e-sports, with a total prize pool of $ 161 million. Tickets sold covered only a third of the costs, but the organizers managed to make a profit thanks to advertising. This year, the most profitable region is North America. This business will attract even more sponsors and journalists.

A selection of interesting facts about e-Sports

  • Russia is the first state in the world to equate cybersport with official sports, but in 2006 it was expelled from the country’s sports program.
  • The first eSports league appeared back in 1997 in the States and was called Cyberathlete. This happened due to the huge popularity that Quake games enjoyed in those years.
  • The international tournament, which is an analog of the sports Olympiad – World Cyber Games, as well as the Olympic Games, is held in different cities and countries.
  • The geography of eSports events is huge – events are held all over the planet!
  • Korean gamers on StarCraft for a year manage to earn from $ 20 thousand to $ 600 thousand
  • 3 years ago, in the States, the League of Legends game was officially recognized as one of the sports, and LoL gamers became athletes. Now they can enter the country according to a simplified visa for athletes.
  • Last year, the Dota 2 World Cup raised a total prize pool of $ 34 million.

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