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In this article, we gathered some recommendations to make your resume writing a lot easier. We will be talking about how to put any references into your resume correctly if your potential employer requires including them into your resume.

Let us begin with how you need to list your references. Remember that you must place this section on a separate page. Using a dedicated page for your references will make your resume look more professional and will help you to avoid various formatting issues.

1. First name/Last name

2. Position or title.

3. The name of a business enterprise that a person in question works for.

4. The location of the company.

5.  Put down the full address of said business along with the email and a phone number.

6. Include the contact information of the person you are referencing.

And here is a list of people that can be listed in your reference section.

1. Your former boss or employer.

2.  Your colleague.

3. A friend who works in the same company you want to be hired to.

4. Your academic advisor, if you are a recent graduate who doesn’t have much work experience.

However, do keep in mind that you must keep the number of references in moderation. Do not include more entries than necessary and be sure that the contact information you have provided is up to date. Usually, the correct amount of entries is near three or four altogether. After you have finished the writing of this section of your resume, you need to proofread it and check it for any mistakes as many times as you need.

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