Paint And Sip

Etiquettes Of Paint And Sip You Must Know

Paint And Sip

Have you ever considered the relationship between painting and having a nice glass of wine? With the rapid changes in the art industry, you will find emerging trends such as a paint and sip class. 

Indeed, all across Australia, you will find unique “wine and paint” classes that would help you destress and enjoy yourself. You get to indulge in painting lessons in such a class, but with a twist! Yes, you can sip on some delicious wine while painting. 

Did you know that the pandemic reduced the art supply demand in Australia? Even then, this activity remained famous and started to rise in popularity.

But, before you enter such a class, you need to abide by some etiquette. 

Top 3 Wine and Paint Class Etiquettes to Follow 

This activity is a fun way to enjoy your day with family or friends and learn a new skill. You get to have fun and enjoy your day without worrying about anything else. Therefore, painting and sipping are great ways to feel comfortable and safe in a group. 

But, to make your experience memorable, make sure to follow the guidelines. 

1. Always Be on Time 

Since this class is a group event, you will not experience the whole vibe if you are late. You may even disrupt the drift once the artist has started their lesson. Being on time is a simple yet highly fruitful etiquette to follow as it can offer you the true essence of this class. 

It would be best to determine the traffic and reach the venue early. This way, you will show your consideration and eagerness to learn a new art form while enjoying yourself. 

2. Do Not Splatter Your Buddies 

Splattering in a wine and paint class could never be entirely avoided, but you can try to be careful. It would be wise not to spill the wine glass or splash paint from the brush. In Australia, such classes have a seating arrangement that can make you close to others. 

So, it would be ideal if you were careful to stay in your canvas and lane while going about your business. You can do this by keeping the brush strokes in check and keeping the wine glass somewhere close. 

3. Bring Your Snacks 

What happens when you feel hungry after having a glass of wine? Some classes have snacking facilities, while others do not. Hence, it would be a nice idea to bring your snacks and munch on them whenever you want. 

Even then, make sure to avoid trigger foods like meat and instead bring cakes or cookies to fill your tummy. You can even bake your muffins and distribute them evenly to the entire class. 

It will help you socialize and ensure a gala while painting and sipping on wine! 

The Bottom Line

A wine and paint class will teach valuable life lessons of socialization and working together in a team. It will improve your emotional health and make you appreciate the beauty of art. Furthermore, it will also strengthen your fine motor skills while relaxing your body as you drink wine. 

Not only does it increase your self-confidence, but it also helps you be a better version of yourself. 

So, make sure to follow all the etiquettes by being on time, bringing your snacks, and refraining from splattering everyone. Now, you are ready to head on over to your nearest sip and paint class in Australia!

Author: Ellen Hollington.

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.