Getting the Right Presents for your Anniversary

People express love through gifts, words, time, touch and acts. This is worth bearing in mind when looking for the right presents for your anniversary, as you want to prove to your beloved just how special they are and how grateful you are to have them as your partner in life. Here are some ideas to show how to go about getting the right presents for your anniversary.


It is always good to give a present that your partner can treasure. This could be a piece of jewellery like a luxury Nomos timepiece that you can hand down to the children in the years ahead or an item of home décor that the two of you can see each day as a reminder of your love for each other. If you are stuck for ideas, there is a list of modern and traditional anniversary gifts by year which offers many suggestions and shows your better-half that you have put some thought into finding the most appropriate gift for the day. 


Some people feel loved and valued for who they are as an individual and for what they have contributed to the relationship, in words from their partner that speak of their genuine feelings about them and their relationship. If you struggle to find the words to say this yourself, have a look at some of the anniversary cards on sale in the shops as whilst some are cheesy, some can put your feelings into words for you. Other options are to buy a book in which there is a quote about your love that speaks for you. This may be from the poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a line from Shakespeare’s sonnets or word spoken by Winnie the Pooh or a character from Star Wars.


The right presents for your anniversary may simply be your presence. For those focused on studies, career development or caring for the young and old in a family, time is a precious gift. Make time to go out together for a meal. This does not have to be a fine-dining restaurant, as a lunch-time picnic in the local park can be just as romantic if you create a basket of your favourite foods. If you want a present to remind you of the importance of making time for each other, gift a matching set of his and her watches.


Book a spa at a luxurious hotel with your partner. Here you can have a couples’ massage, a manicure, pedicure and sauna. This means that you can spend time together whilst your children are cared for by their grandparents or other family members.  Creating a tradition that on each anniversary your young children will be on a sleepover with friends and family gives you more opportunities to be inventive with your presents. A tandem skydive or a season of dancing classes to learn the rumba, the waltz or the Argentine tango will also keep you close.


Any action you take to make your partner’s life more comfortable is a measure of your love. As a present on your anniversary, create a jar of gift tokens that can be chosen throughout the year.  One of the tokens could be that you take the children out of the day so that they have quiet time to do as they wish. Another could be to offer a head or foot massage. Choose actions that you know they will appreciate, as this also lets them know that you understand what makes them happy and that you want to to make sure it happens.