Tips for Arranging & Organising Bookshelves

A bookcase is a wonderful and classic piece, perfect for some added storage and for keeping your reading collecting nice and safe – but that’s not all that they’re good for! You can actually get some amazing styling looks out of your simple bookcase, it’s just a question of a few careful placements and considerations! Here’s how to perfectly style and arrange your bookcase, no matter the aesthetic you’re going for…

Practice restraint

Bookcase styling takes discipline and mindfulness, it is not a question of just shoving your dusty books in no particular order on empty shelves. Make a point to slow down and devote some time and thought to the effect you’re trying to create. Be restrained with the number of books and any other pieces you place to get started properly. If you have an extensive collection, be prepared to invest in a large bookcase or donate a few volumes to your local charity shop.

Stack horizontally and vertically

A classic bookshelf typically has vertically stacked books, but in order to create a special, stylish scene, you should use both horizontal and vertical stacking. This adds so much texture and interest to the piece without much effort at all. You can choose whether to have your spines facing the room or not, or, if you really want more texture, use a combination of spines and pages to add variation.

Try to be more minimalist than maximalist

Even if you are trying to create a very full, impressive bookcase display, you should always try to have a light hand. Piling too much onto your bookshelf just risks the entire room looking messy and overwhelmed. Proceed with a less is more mindset to get it right.

Create some relaxed symmetry  

Although design doesn’t really favour exact symmetry, you do need to create some rough mirroring in order for your bookcase to look well-styled. This can be as subtle as you like! Buy two of the same vase or repeat one pattern on another shelf, whatever you like. At least one mirrored element will really tie the whole design together.

Use a colour scheme

To score extra style points, put together your bookcase with a colour scheme in mind. Two or three tones is enough to create a beautiful display, just be sure that they are relatively subtle and complimentary. Some great pairings include mint, white and green or pink, yellow and russet timber. At least one neutral tone is essential to ensure that the case blends with the rest of the room.

Decorative accents go a long way

You need to use a combination of books and decorative elements to get the effect you’re looking for. Grab vases, candles, cake stands, boxes, small sculptures and even some small pieces of artwork to build up your shelves. For a classic bookcase accessory, why not try adding bookends? You can get some truly amazing looking bookends that will add function and fun to your shelves!

Get green

House plants are a huge interior design trend, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! Add some smaller plants, succulents and even some florals to beef up your bookcase’s volume in an airy and non-invasive fashion. You can even add a hanging part to decorate the corner of the piece, this looks super romantic and whimsical.

By following these tips you’ll be putting together a beautifully styled, aesthetically pleasing bookcase in absolutely no time! Just remember to work with your space and your pre-existing colour scheme so that it blends well into your home. Ready to get started? Check out bookcases in Sydney now!