Pick the Right App Integration Partner

How to Pick the Right App Integration Partner

Pick the Right App Integration Partner

Back in high school, when you were doing a research project, you typically would take information from a number of different sources. Sometimes this process could be tedious because you would need different passages from separate books, websites, and magazines to form one succinct opinion. You needed to integrate your thoughts and research so you could gain new insights. This is a great metaphor for business operations as well.

All companies have a ton of data coming in on any given day. You need these pieces of information to help process analytics about how your business is operating and what solutions you should explore for your future. Sometimes these pieces of data come in different silos and they can’t communicate with each other very well. You have all these separate applications, just like you have separate research materials for your paper in high school.

Luckily, business intelligence platforms have a solution that can integrate these data points in the easiest way. With application integration partners, you can process basic and complex data in more advanced ways than ever before. Here are a few thoughts on how you can pick the most effective program for you.

What is application integration?

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Beyond just a loose metaphor, it’s important you understand exactly what app integration is. Basically, this is the process of making your information communicate with each other through data and service exchanges. As your company goes through its digital transformation, this is a key ingredient.

Communication between different premises and applications will allow your operations to move faster without as much human interference. You won’t have to worry if different apps or sections of your software are compatible with each other, because you’ll already know they can communicate effectively. Overall, this saves your business money, time, and a lot of headaches.

Know your goals for application integration.

As you’re looking to implement application integration, it’s important you know your goals before you commit to a certain provider. Are you simply looking to speed up your operations? Would you like to create more engaging customer experiences with your different applications? Or are you looking for capabilities to help you transition into the future and always stay ahead of the curve? Depending on your project management goals, you may want to look into different application integration dashboards and options.

Decide how you want to implement integration platforms.

App integration is a broad concept that can be approached in different ways. Each provider will go with a different strategy for their integration tools, so you’ll want to explore the framework that best fits your current software. Point-to-point integration deals with specific applications while integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) are based in the cloud. Another option is enterprise application integration that connects different apps like spokes on a wheel connected to the main hub. However you want to situate your integration platforms, it helps to be informed about all your different options.

Look for solutions that cover a wide range of areas.

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Some integration platforms are going to come with restrictions and complications. To appeal to new customers and operate most efficiently, you want a solution that can cover a wide range of areas. Make sure your workflow won’t be interrupted no matter what project you are working on.

You need flexibility and options.

In addition to wide-reaching solutions, you need app integration that is flexible. Look for opportunities to change up your framework and move data around beyond just the cloud. The more you can control and personalize your premise applications, the more specific you can be about the business processes that can best grow your enterprise.