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    How To Use Hashtags In Social Media Marketing

    Hashtags are an essential part of Social Media marketing nowadays. If used properly, hashtags can be a powerful marketing weapon for promoting your brand as they represent a way for people to discover your brand.

    Twitter was the first platform where hashtags were widely used. In time, users of other Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn started using them. Today, hashtags are used in marketing purposes on each of the platforms we have just mentioned.

    Once you master the use of hashtags on various Social Media platforms, you will be able to increase your brand’s awareness and engagement organically, which will save you much money. When used properly, hashtags become a way for the people interested in what you have to offer to find your profile and engage with your content. After all, countless successful businesses in Dubai benefit from using hashtags in the right way, so shouldn’t you try to keep up?

    Let’s start with the basics.

    Hashtags are important

    What Exactly is a Hashtag?

    A hashtag consists of the pound sign (#) followed by a keyword or a phrase (without spaces). It cannot include punctuation or symbols but can include numbers. Think of hashtags as specific groups of topics followed by people interested in hashtag’s tittle. 

     For example, if you are into scuba diving business and you place #scubadivingindubai on your posts, people who already follow that topic (scuba diving in Dubai) on Social Media will be able to see your post. So, hashtags have to be related to what your business has to offer.

    Hashtags can be used at SM posts or comments and allow your content to be indexed by the Social Media network you are posting at.

    But you can’t just use hashtags randomly and expect results. You need to conduct hashtag research.

    How to Find Efficient Hashtags

    An efficient hashtag is a hashtag that is not either too complicated or too general. According to Social Media companies in Dubai, the best starting point when choosing the best hashtags for your brand is to look at influencers within your niche and see which hashtags they use.

    Furthermore, you can use various online tools such as RiteTag to identify relevant hashtags for your brand. You can find the best tools for hashtag research on the following link:

    Last but not least, search for relevant keywords on Social Media platforms and pay attention to the hashtags that appear.

    Facebook and Hashtags

    Hashtags may help you get more exposure for your posts. It is not recommended to use too many hashtags on this platform. As long as you use one or two per post, and you will be fine. 

     If you wish users other than your friends and family to be able to find your content via hashtags, be sure to post “public” content.

    Twitter and Hashtags

    Using one or two hashtags on Twitter is a great way to increase your engagement. Use a couple of hashtags, ask your followers to retweet, and your engagement may skyrocket depending on your content.

    When people search for your tag on Twitter, they can find your post. Moreover, you can use hashtags to discover conversations worth joining that may improve your brand’s awareness. 

    In the end, don’t forget to research the trending hashtags, as you should always follow and be aware of the latest trends within your niche.

    Instagram and Hashtags

    Instagram is quite different from the platforms we have just mentioned. It would be best if you used from 11 to 30 hashtags per post to maximize your reach. Create several groups of hashtags of different sizes and mix those groups in your posts.

     Pinterest and Hashtags

    Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you should aim to use only one or two hashtags that are unique to your business. Hashtags work great on Pinterest as long as you don’t use broad terms. They help users find your content based on keywords they are interested in. 

    LinkedIn and Hashtags

    Many people ignore hashtags on LinkedIn, which is a rookie mistake.

    Hashtags work on LinkedIn just like on other Social Media platforms. It is recommended to use one to three hashtags when you post long-form content. 

    By using hashtags on this Social Media platform, your content may end up showing in front of people who are not inside your network. This is a proven way to improve awareness of your brand.

    So, Should You use Hashtags as a Part of Social Media Marketing Strategy?


    If you want to maximize your ROI (return on investment), you need to implement a complete marketing strategy, including hashtags.

    Doing this on your own is possible but requires a tremendous amount of work and knowledge, so we always recommend business owners to hire a Social Media company in Dubai to take care of SMM activities.


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