Jewelry Trends for Men in 2020: Top Ten 14k Gold Rope Chains

If you are in the market looking for men’s jewelry, it is good to start by looking at the latest trends. Most fashion designers organize runways in major cities of the world to announce the hottest fashion trends. From these glamorous shows, it is easy to learn about jewelry styles that will reign during the season.

During the recent fashion shows in Milan, London, Paris and New York, one jewelry item for men stood out. The oversized gold chain is back in fashion and you can easily make a fashion statement by adopting this trend. If you are looking for the perfect way to adapt to this trend, a gold rope chain should be your first choice. These are among the most popular types of gold chains on the market for various reasons.

This post explores gold rope chains in detail and highlights the top 14k gold rope chains you should consider buying.

A Brief Overview of Gold Rope Chains

Gold rope chains have been around for several decades. Hip hop musicians and rappers popularized the bigger versions in the late 1970s and 80s. The trend caught on in the fashion industry, and today they are one of the most recognizable gold chains on the market.

These beautiful chains consist of metal segments that are connected to each other to look like a rope. The patterns twist around to give the appearance of a real rope. This chain has become a staple of men’s fashion over the years. Today, it is back in fashion as the trend has seen a rebirth when it was included among revived fashion styles from bygone eras.

Rope chains are the most textual among gold chains and this makes them hard to miss. They are also the most durable and heaviest of chain types. They are also lavish, lustrous and shiny owing to their creative twisting design which reflects light from various angles.

The eye-catching twisted rope pattern stands out and complements diverse outfits. If you want to light up your outfit, a gold rope chain is a perfect accessory.

If you want a subtle look for your gold rope chain, you can go for a thin design. For a statement piece, a thicker gold rope chain is a perfect choice. These chains are sturdy and strong and if you love wearing pendants, this gold chain is a perfect choice that will carry the weight of the pendant easily.

With such amazing qualities, it is no wonder that the gold rope chain is once again trending. It is one of the hottest jewelry trends for men in 2020.

The Crème De La Crème of Gold Rope Chains 2020

If you are looking for the best gold rope necklace, here are some of the best options to consider:

     1. 14k Yellow Gold, Skinny, Smooth, Hollow Rope Chain

If you want to find the perfect gold rope chain, it is advisable to always go for a 14-carat gold version because is resistant to scratching. With a 14k Yellow Gold Skinny Smooth Hollow Rope Chain from SO ICY JEWELRY, you have an elegant and glamorous piece to spruce up any outfit.

The hollow gold rope chain is lighter, making it perfect for casual wear. The chain has a thickness of 2mm and you can choose a chain in any length from 16 inches to 26 inches. The stylish necklace goes for $163.90.

      2. 14k Yellow Gold, Skinny, Diamond Cut Rope Chain

This is another trending style in men’s jewelry. For a long time, jewelry designers have looked for ways to make gold jewelry glisten and this is what the diamond cut technique does.

The jeweler adds notches or grooves to the gold metal surface make the outer metal surface glisten. With the 14k Yellow Gold Skinny Diamond Cut Rope Chain, you have an outstanding piece of jewelry that goes beyond the normal look of yellow gold.

      3. Gold Rope Chains with Pendants

Another dominant trend when it comes to gold chains available in the market is the use if pendants. Fashion designers have been pushing the boundaries of men’s jewelry trends. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of gold rope chains and pair them with uniquely designed pendants. You can also customize the pendant to suit your style.

      4. White Gold Rope Chains

White gold is a popular material in men’s jewelry, and this is a trend that will continue in 2020.  White gold is formed by adding nickel, palladium, and platinum or manganese to pure gold. It creates a brilliant and stronger metal alloy that can be used to manufacture jewelry.

It is easier to work with white gold to create custom jewelry. White gold rope chains are popular due to their affordability, contemporary look, and ease of customization.

      5. White Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain

White gold is an excellent metal for making gold rope chains. It is bright and stands out against dark outfits. However, the gold diamond cut white gold rope chain adds something more to give a textured look to the piece. It is a popular trend in men’s jewelry in 2020.

      6. Rose Gold Rope Chains

If you are looking for a warm touch in your jewelry, it is time to try a rose gold rope chain. Rose gold is a warm mix of traditional yellow gold with copper. This gold shade was a popular trend in the Mid-Victorian era.

Today, it has made a comeback in men’s jewelry in the form of rose gold rope chains. The material is dense and malleable and doesn’t tarnish easily. The 14k Rose Gold Rope Chain by SO ICY JEWELRY is a good example.

      7. Solid Gold Rope Chains

When shopping for a gold chain, you can choose from a solid or a hollow one. Solid gold chains have remained popular due to their excellent quality. Solid gold rope chains are also hypoallergenic and are thus suitable for all skin types.

      8. Gold-plated Rope Chains

If you are on a budget, you may find the cost of solid or hollow gold rope chains too high. However, there is the option of buying cheaper gold-plated rope chains. While these are popular, they tarnish with time and can also cause skin irritations.

     9. Hip-hop Inspired Gold Rope Chains

Another popular trend amongst men’s jewelry in 2020 is the hip-hop celebrity-style chain and pendant. Hip hop music originally made big gold chains popular; many designers have gold rope chain products that are inspired by hip hop artists. These necklaces are large and attract attention easily.

      10. Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Traditional Italian jewelry designs boast of having higher quality and precise designs. 14K gold rope chains are thus more valuable and elegant. If you are looking to achieve elegance and sophistication in your look, you can go for these pricier gold rope chains.

Final Thoughts

If you love staying up to date with the latest trends in men’s jewelry, it is time to start shopping for 14k gold rope chains. These chains are trendy, classy and elegant. You can now choose from these top styles on the market.