Teaching the Young Muslims of Norway.

A publishing company that started in 2016 is making an impact on the Muslim community of Norway with it’s intriguing line of Islamic books for children.

Origo Forlag AS is a norweigian publishing company, which started back in 2016 with a noble cause. They are now flourishing as an eCommerce business in Norway. 

Their goal is to spread the message of peace and prosperity with muslim and non-muslim Norwegians. 

All proceeds of Origo Forlag AS are donated to a charity. One of the core beliefs of Islam is giving forward to the needy, even if one cannot give money, It is emphaised that a muslim should atleast give forward kindness. Islam promotes a prosperous cycle of positivity. Ambitious about spreading the positive message of humanity, Origo Forlag AS has managed to secure a reputation among the muslim community of Norway. 

Many young muslims have come forward to help with the cause. Using social media platforms they have made themselves easily accessible and are always open to new ventures that involve education of young muslims in Norway. 

According to the Origo Forlag AS staff they have committed to ‘offer Norwegian children exciting books in the language they understand easily and which they speak on a daily basis in kindergarten and school’ 

Following the fundamental values of Islam Origo Forlag AS is continuing to teach young Muslims of Norway, the mannerisms and characteristics a Muslim should have. One of top trending works of Origo Forlag As is koranen på norsk.

The Beauty of Koranen på norsk

Origo Forlag have introduced the Quran in the form of five binds. Currently they have published three binds and the remaining two will follow shortly. They have been distributed beautifully and with great care. koranen på norsk  bind 1 consists of Surah Al Baqarah – Surah Al Nisa. Bind 2 consists of Surah Al Maidah – Surah At Taubah. Bind 3 consists of Surah Al Yunus – Surah An Nahl. 

These are all based on the commentary translation of an abridged version of Tafhim-ul-Quran (The Meaning of the Quran) written by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi (1903-1979). A widely recognised individual in the history of muslim scholars. 

Apart from Koranen pa norsk volumes, Origo Forlag has introduced several genres of books

Let’s have a closer look at what they have achieved with their work.  

  • «Jeg kan»-serien (The “I can” series)
  • Jeg kan ha på meg hijab overalt! (I can wear the hijab anywhere!)

This book explains that the hijab is in no way an obstacle to living a natural life. Muslim girls can participate in all kinds of activities on an equal footing with others. 

It’s emphasis is on empowering muslim girls to have more confidence and embrace more opportunities. There is no such feat that a muslim girl cannot not overcome. 

It also debunks the ideology that hijab is a form of oppression. It highlights the freewill of girls that do choose to wear a hijab.

  • Jeg kan si Bismillah overalt! (I can say Bismillah everywhere!)

This book teaches that a muslim should remember Allah at all times, no matter what we do. Since Allah has created everything in the world, we should think of Him in all our actions.

The belief in One Absolute Creator is the core of Islam. This book emphasises the importance of constant gratitude to Allah. 

Being grateful for things makes a person more humble. It is something that holds great value in human terms.

  • Jeg kan lese Koranen (nesten) overalt! (I can read the Quran (almost) anywhere!)

This book addresses questions like Can you read the Qur’an on your own? Do you read it every day?

Encouraging Muslim children who find time to read Allah’s holy book wherever it is – at home, at school and even on holiday!

Reading the Qur’an is a way of listening to what Allah is saying to His believers. It is a way of refining one’s life in the way that would please Allah. 

  • Jeg kan gjøre dua overalt! (I can do dua anywhere!)

The book brings us to the core of the Islamic knowledge that we should always turn to Allah for help and to thank Him for all He has done for us.

Life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling by doing dua. It is the same in every religion that worships a Singular Being God. 

Praying or making dua is a form of speaking to Allah and voicing gratitude and asking for blessings. 

  • Jeg kan be overalt! (I can pray anywhere!)

The book teaches us about the concept and practice of prayer within Islam.

The act of performing prayer (salah) five times in a day is mandatory for all muslims. It is only not mandatory on children who have not yet reached the age of puberty.

At the same time, it points out the beauty in the various landscapes with which Allah has showered our planet

These series of books teach about all the basic principles in Islam. They have made it easier for children to understand and practice Islam in a european country. 

In addition to these books they have published some assisting books that help in recitation of the Qur’an and activity books that help children understand and embrace the presence of Allah Almighty. 

  1. Forstå koranen på den enkle måten (Understand the Qur’an in a simple way)

Understanding the Qur’an in a simple way is a book that teaches children to understand the Qur’an through simple grammar. Out of a total of 78,000 words in the Quran; 41,000 words are repeated. In other words, it is 50% of the Qur’an.  

Having this knowledge can make it easier for children to understand the context of the Holy text with ease. 

  • Min aktivitetsbok om Allah (My activity book on Allah)

This is an activity book ideal for small children around the age of 5 years. Through the activities and drawings, they become acquainted with Allah. The book addresses questions such as:

Who is Allah?

What has He created?

What does He like?

What does He dislike?

Interesting drawings are from the mundane life that children are aware of. It is a way for them to find relevance and connect with the concept. The idea is to present situations that the children can relate to and understand the presence of Allah around them. 

Origo Forlag caters to all children of all ages. Their objectives remains noble as they continue producing new books that help the portray Islam in a positive light.