Top foremost online couchTuner movie streaming

CouchTuner is one of the foremost online movie streaming and TV series websites where you can watch your desired content from Turner, HBO, CNN, Warner Bros, and several other film studios and entertainment companies without having to pay a dime. In case you have not heard of CouchTuner, it is a web-based movie and TV serial streaming website. 

Now, you must be wondering as to how CouchTuner is able to offer you live streaming service free of cost. It is possible for the live streaming engine to provide you the service for free as it does not host or store content on its own servers. CouchTuner simply serves as an effective interface or platform for streaming content hosted on third-party service providers’ servers.

Couchtuner is perhaps the best site with regards to sitting in front of the TV shows on the web. However, in recent times if you try to visit the site, then you will notice that it is not accessible by most of the users.Here are best alternative websites like Couchtuner to Project Free TV.


It is probably the best option to couch tuner. You can utilize the site to stream your preferred motion pictures.

Also, it allows you to stream content to different devices. Watch Series at Couch Tuner Online FREE in high-quality HD.

FREE Stream TV Shows at Top #1 Couchtuner watch game of thrones, modern family, the walking dead for free, EU, LA, AG, UK.

  1. Putlocker FM

Put locker fm is one of the top websites where you can watch latest movies and shows for free.

In addition to that, there is a download option available as well, and you do not even need to create an account.


SolarMovie is among the most mainstream options to couchtuner. Enlisted client can rate motion pictures and TV appears, spare intriguing substance for some other time, and make demands.

Registration is completely free and you are not required to give any personal information.


The website offers popular Movies and tv shows. It is one of the best couchtuner alternatives.

All the shows available on this website are for paid and you need an account to watch those contents.


New episodes is the place you want to be to watch the new episodes of popular TV shows minutes after they air.

New episodes have an active forum section, and it’s recommended that new users introduce themselves to others so they can receive a proper welcome.


This is a great alternative, in that they usually have all of the latest movies. This one is similar to CouchTuner, and usu practically the exact layout, so if you’re looking to get something super similar to this, then you’re in luck.  The movie collection is pretty substantial, so you won’t go without seeing flicks on there, that’s for sure.  The service is free too, and it’s pretty easy to navigate, so it’s a good alternative if you’re looking to get something very similar to the original site.


This is another super popular site to use instead of CouchTuner, and that’s for a few different reasons. The amount of content on there is quite amazing, and it’s got a library of every single show that you could possibly ever want, so you won’t really have to flock anywhere else.  It also has non-stop entertainment, and it is pretty underrated compared to the rest, especially with the sheer amount of content that it provides for free.  It includes some of the new hits, but also some old classics, and old TV shows that you might enjoy. However to access all of the contents you’ll need to register, but that’s simple enough, right?


This is a reliable site in that it’s been around for a pretty decent amount of time, and they’re updated constantly with new content.  It also has other things to watch besides series, such as anime and also some movies as well, along with popular TV shows airing currently.  it’s a great site for those that love to watch anime. 


This site is good for movies, shows, and other entertainment.  It also isn’t just movies and shows, but it’s got games, events, radio stations, and move.  However, this is the only site that isn’t free here, and it requires about 2 dollars a month to pay for it.  It does look nice, and it’s got a lot of great little additions to it, but it may be a bit of a turnoff if you’re looking for free content.

These are the top alternatives of CouchTuner, and if you’re looking for some decent places to watch shows, for a price that’s either free or minimal, these are good options, and it can help if sites are blocked.