What is Data Security & Why Is It Important What Everybody Needs to Know in 2020

Cybercrime will cost the global economy an estimated $6 trillion by the year 2021. While these figures are mind-boggling, they’re a reflection of the changing security landscape. This is not a doomsday prophecy, but the internet of things will still unleash the bad and the ugly in the year 2020.

How prepared are you? Your organization may need more awareness of online security in 2020. Hacking and phishing have become more sophisticated with time. However, how much you know about data security will save you from imminent losses. 

What is data security, and why is it so important? Read on to find out what everyone should know in 2020!

What Is Data Security?

The term data security has become a household phrase as the shifts in information technology occur. Data security refers to the protective digital privacy measures put in place. 

The aim of these measures is to enhance the safety of your digital information. Unauthorized access to computers, databases, and websites is at the center of data security.

As your organization embraces the changing field of information technology, data security must be at the center of your IT infrastructure. You must be able to identify new data security measures.

This will ensure you remain abreast of things when securing your critical information. Determining your data security approach depends on a variety of factors.

Read on to understand all about data security for your organization’s critical information. 

Why Is Data Security Important?

Now that you understand what is data security, you need to appreciate the benefits it presents to your organization.  

Guard Against Financial Losses 

One of the single most critical reasons for implementing data security is the apparent fear of financial loss. The estimated future damage due to cybercrime is worrisome for any organization. Your need for data security is primarily to guard against the financial implications that would follow in case of unauthorized access to data.

Modern organizations are moving towards big data. As such, information will gradually become an essential corporate asset. Data security can help you boost your data safe and save on the possible financial implications.

To Protect Critical Information 

You also need data safety to protect critical information against malicious use. Your organization’s database may have accumulated significant amounts of data over time. Most of this information is likely to be confidential.

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The loss of such data would expose your clients to possible privacy concerns. You need data security to ensure that your organization’s critical information is secure. Instituting essential data security measures will also give your client confidence to transact with you.

To Comply With Legal Requirements

Further, the need for data security is due to the emerging regulatory landscape. Governments are moving to implement critical electronic data and communication regulations. You will be part of those targeted by this new set of laws. 

You’ll need to consider the legal benefits of data security as one of the reasons you must rethink your approach to safety. With the changing legal framework, having a defined data security system will ensure you remain legally compliant.

Leverage Your Business

Having a data security system will ensure you have a business edge over your competitors. Most businesses are unwilling to embrace various new technologies due to the underlying security threats online.

But having a reliable data security system will give you the confidence to try out innovative ways of doing business. You’ll also have the courage to transact with customers freely without a recurrent fear of the unknown. Data security will allow you to compete in the 21st century, where new innovative ideas keep changing the approach to business.  

Possible Data Security Issues in 2020

Now that you are fully aware of the importance of data security, here are some of the data security issues you must consider in 2020. 


Phishing scams will likely increase two-fold. With the growing sophistication among phishing gangs, your company may suffer a significant loss.  Emails form a key soft spot in most phishing scams.

Your data security systems should be able to flag suspicious emails, hyperlinks, and web addresses. If you are working with a reliable data security systems provider, it is easy to detect and flag instances of attempted infringement of safety measures.

Accidental Data Exposure 

One of the issues that will stand out in the current digital landscape is the realities of data exposure. As your organization grows, the number of employees also increases. The extent of exposure to critical data among companies with such huge personnel is significant.

But the more momentous concern is in the extent to which these employees and other third-party end users can be trusted with such delicate information. With data security, you can be able to institute critical end-user measures. 

These measures limit unauthorized access. Such systems also send an alert in case of an unknown log in into the company’s critical infrastructure. 

Insider Data Theft      

One of the concerns among corporate entities is the rise in cases where organizations’ employees face accusations of data theft. Many multinationals form part of the statistics on insider data theft. 

But these concerns are due to a failure to institute critical data security systems. The instances of a data breach can lead to massive financial losses. But securing data will ensure that even when employees have access to critical data, it remains safe and secure.  

Steps to Take in the Year 2020 to Ensure Data Security

Most organizations underestimate the impact of data insecurity. While you can’t be entirely immune from the risks of data insecurity, you can institute measures to help you remain safe. You can initiate the following steps for cybersecurity.

First, always prepare for both known and unknown threats. Malware, Trojans, and viruses are now well-known threats. But you also have to put in place measures that are progressive to tackle the threat of ransomware and other emerging risks. An end-point security system is a useful tool in this case.

Secondly, you may also need to introduce automation in 2020. This will ensure that in the event of an attack, your data security response plan is quick. Automation takes away the human element in the administration of your data security system. Automation can become costly quickly, though, and some small businesses use services like title loans Georgia to cover the costs associated with such an upgrade. 

Thirdly, you also need to consider working with a professional towards the implementation of a stable data security system. These steps for cybersecurity will ensure that you secure data and limit the risk of data breaches. 

Now That 2020 Is Here, Don’t Be Caught Flatfooted

Your question on what is data security is answered. You can enter into the New Year with confidence. You only need to consider working with professionals who understand the data security landscape, and you’ll be safe.   

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