Holding a visa is often a valid way of living in a country legally over a period of time. There are different classes of visa that confer certain privileges on the individual according to the laws of the country. In Australia, the skilled regional visa subclass 887 is granted to individuals who have worked and lived in certain parts of regional Australia for up to two years. Such individuals already have visas of a different class and are different from fresh migrants coming from another country. The visa subclass 887 is designated as a permanent residency visa that allows the applicant to study, work and live in Australia.

More so, the visa grants the individual the right to travel in and out of Australia for five years from the date of issuing the visa. This in addition with privileges like enrolment in medicare, the opportunity to sponsor relatives for a permanent residency visa in the future and the prospect of applying for Australian citizenship if deemed eligible makes 887 visa Australia one of the most highly sought after visa classes in the country. However, this visa is not available to people who have not lived and worked in Australia before.

One of the requirements for applying for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 is that the individual must hold one of the numerous classes of regional visas while living and working in these regional areas. Such visas include the skilled regional provisional visas 489 and 495, the skilled regional sponsored visa 475 or 487 and the skilled designated area sponsored visa 496. In addition to holding these visa classes, the applicant is still required to meet the health and good character requirements that apply to the conventional visa applications before applying for the skilled visa subclass 887.

The nature of this visa could require the assistance of an agent to navigate the process and ascertain the eligibility of the applicant. Only a licensed and registered migration agent can provide useful information and advice that is in line with the procedures and rules of the migration agents authority. An Australian migration agent is in the best position to help an applicant with the application for 887 visa Australia without contravening the rules which could render the application invalid and affect the status of the previously held visa. This is one of the reasons why it is important to deal only with licensed agents like migration agent Australia to avoid the negative consequences of dealing with fake agents.

There are many agents based outside Australia that masquerade as registered migration agents and swindle unsuspecting visa applicants under the guise of helping them with their applications. Such agents are not licensed under the migration agents authority and could be involved in fraudulent activities. The services of agents like Immigration Agent Perth Australia and other legally registered migration agents are highly recommended to ensure that the visa application is not jeopardised at any point in time.

Holding the skilled visa subclass 887 is the best way to transition from temporary residency under a regional class visa to permanent residency with the opportunity to live and work in Australia with your family for an indefinite period of time. The privileges attached to this visa subclass reflect the advantages that come with having work experience in Australia for a year or two. It is also important to note that this visa is not available to people who have no prior experience living and working in Australia. This is because such individuals do not hold any regional visas that would make them eligible for 887 visa Australia.