Website Speed The Most Important Thing For Your Site

Why Is Website Speed The Most Important Thing For Your Site

Website Speed The Most Important Thing For Your Site

Living in a modern world requires adapting to a very fast-paced lifestyle that requires a full commitment to work and very little free time. For this reason, the speed of your website is one of the critical things that interest your potential customers.       

A few additional items to consider include:

  1. Image sizing 
  2. Hosting and Content Delivery Networks
  3. Carousels (Sliders)   

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Besides this, you should pay attention to:

  • The website speed as a first impression

The fact is that if you search for something on the Internet, you want to do it relatively quickly without any restrictions. This is a significant thing to remember. If your website’s customer or user wants to reach you, an additional plus is if the site is fast and that it doesn’t need too much time to be opened. If not, what’s the point? Keep in mind that users may not have the time, so this thing is crucial. This could be the first impression, and if your website is not fast, it can turn people away very quickly. 

  • Expectations 

What can be a problem for a website owner is people’s expectations. Since we are constantly on the move and always going somewhere, we need fast service. When we go online, most people generally have expectations that each site will open as soon as they want, so if that doesn’t happen, they will likely switch to a competing website. 

  • Slow websites kill conversions 

It’s simple- if your website is slow, almost 57% of people will give up opening it and switch to another one. As a result, you lose your reviews and, therefore, your customers, which later can cause a decrease in your earnings. As we heard from immigration lawyer Chicago, after improving their website speed, the number of conversions increased massively.  

  • Website speed affects your Google rank 

Google has a self-confessed love of speed. His job is to take care that the Internet is super fast, useful, and accessible. If your site is quick, it will be better rated by Google because it’s one of the most important criteria. But, if your site is super slow, you will suffer.  

How exactly to speed up your website?

  • Clean up your website 

It is more than obvious and for this action, you can use Admin Tools or MalCare for WordPress websites. You can start by updating the basic WordPress files. Most minor updates will run automatically, but updates with significant changes will need to be run manually. You can select all of your plugins and click the “Update WordPress” button.

It’s important to remove images that are not in use, but it’s important to compress and optimize images on your site. Also, smashing an image on your website means reducing the overall size of the image, allowing the image to load faster, as well as reducing the size of your website. You can delete old revisions of a post, or even files and images that have never been used should be permanently removed and deleted from your storage space.

  • Test your current page speed

You can test your website speed using: 

  1. WebPage Test – This is also a free speed test. 
  2. Pingdom – This is an absolutely free tool/service. All you need to do is enter the URL of your site, choose where to test from, and click the Start button.
  3. GTMetrix – This is a website performance analytics tool created by It costs only $15 per month.

    These are just some of the reasons why the speed of your website is very important to users. To improve the quality of your site, follow the instructions above and make your website more popular.