Why Keto Diet Is So Effective For Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the major health complications faced by more than half the population.  If you are one of those people struggling to get rid of extra pounds around your waistline and stomach,  the keto diet is the ultimate solution.  ‘Keto’ is the short term commonly used for ketogenic. Introduced way back in the 1920s, the keto diet played an integral role in the treatment of epilepsy.  Today,  it is an effective way of preserving muscle mass while losing fat at the same time. It is a diet that needs to be planned and strictly followed regularly.

The keto diet includes calories that are high in proteins, healthy fats,  and low on carbohydrates.  Once you introduce your body to a low-carbohydrate diet and substitute it with other vital nutrients, your body begins to burn fat at a much faster rate.  The fat in your body gets converted into ketone molecules that generate more energy.

A daily ketogenic diet should be one that includes servings of  Omega 3 fatty fish, eggs, meat, chicken, cheese,  butter,  Greek yogurt, legumes, avocados,  nuts,  edible seeds, and lots of fruits and veggies.  On the other hand, eliminate carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, potatoes, sweets, grains,  beverages, and more.

The main goal behind a ketogenic diet plan is to make your body derive its energy from the stored fat already in the body, instead of the daily source of  carbohydrates. In a ketogenic state,  your body quickly burns fat while maintaining the required blood sugar and insulin levels. It is beneficial for getting rid of diabetes and cardiovascular health complications. If you’ve attempted multiple diets over year and years of trying to lose weight, it might be time to seek advice from a medical professional. Central Coast Surgery, experts in gastric sleeve Newcastle NSW, advise that there are other options like gastric sleeve surgery.

Benefits of a Keto Diet for Weight Loss:

  • Craving suppressant:

What’s special about a keto diet is the fact that after consumption of your body’s daily calorie needs, you don’t feel hungry and crave more food, as seen in other diets.  Your appetite and the hormones that cause you to feel hungry all the time gets suppressed.

You feel full and energetic to go about your daily routine, and your body is satisfied. In this type of diet, your body rids glucose, sugar, and its harmful effects. This also stops your cravings to consume fatty and sweet foodstuffs.  It brings about positive changes and a complete balance in hormones,  insulin levels, and blood sugar levels in the body.

  • Higher protein  consumption:

Once you have begun with the keto diet, you don’t have to keep track of the healthy calories that you consume.  This is because there is a higher protein intake that works towards healing and building your body’s muscles and tissues. The high protein diet plays a significant role when it comes to weight loss.

  • Gluconeogenesis:

Your body enters the ketogenic mode and functions on the energy generated from all those layers of fat stored up in your body. It helps to burn down more fat and unhealthy cholesterol calories.

  • Limited food options:

The ketogenic diet places only limited food options before you to choose from and consume daily.  It is one of the key mechanisms for weight loss.

  • Insulin sensitivity:

In the keto diet, your body becomes more sensitive to insulin and lowers insulin levels. This makes your body regulate glucose levels better and prevent it from getting too high or too low.

  • Lower fat storage levels:

With the ketogenic diet working towards converting fat to energy,  the fat stored decreases at a steady rate.  Some studies indicated towards keto diet carrying out lipogenesis in the body by converting high levels of sugar in the blood into fat.  This, fat in turn, gets broken down and converted into energy.

  • Faster fat burning:

The ultimate goal of this keto diet is to burn fat quickly. Your body is automatically tuned to reduce and burn up all that fat, whether you are resting, exercising, or going about your daily routine.

From the above mechanisms behind a ketogenic diet, it is seen as more successful when compared to all the other diets suggested for weight loss.

Ketogenic diet and healthy lifestyle:

The keto Diet holds the potential to introduce you into a healthy lifestyle and fight against common risk  ailments that include the following: 

  • High blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular heart diseases.
  • Abdominal obesity.
  • High levels of LDL cholesterol.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Low levels of HDL cholesterol.

Studies indicated that just two weeks of Keto diet could bring about remarkable results in the blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity by about 75%.  Diabetic patients were then able to stop taking medication and treatment.

The ketogenic diet also works on balancing the triglyceride levels in the body within just four weeks of introduction. It helps you fight inflammation and poor insulin.

Basic rules to be followed in a keto diet:

If you decide to go the ketogenic way to fight obesity and overweight issues, then there are some basic rules to be followed:

  • Get rid of carbs:

Any foodstuff that is high in carbohydrates could have a high impact on your weight loss goal. Go through the calorie content on the food labels before planning and stocking up. Decide on lowering the carbohydrate intake gradually each day.

  • Pile up on proteins:

Stock up on protein-rich foods like eggs, cheese, veggies, nuts, Omega 3 rich oil and fish, and more.  Lean protein foods like that of chicken, soups, salads, and similar foodstuffs can do a whole lot of good to your health.

  • Include a lot of veggies:

Vegetables are a powerhouse of all the vital nutrients that your body is made up of.  Each veggie comes loaded with the goodness of mother nature.  It not only keeps you fit and slim but also makes you feel young and energetic.

  • Be experimental:

Last, of all, Keto dieting is all about experimenting with the type of foodstuffs that meet your body’s daily nutrient content.  Experiment and try out different healthy and nutritional foods to make it interesting and tasty to achieve the weight loss goal that you set.