Debunking The Myths Of Hair Transplant Procedures

Body: As one of the most frequent problems faced by men and women alike, hair loss is growing into an urgent concern. Several options like hair oils are available in the market, but mostly they are temporary. The newest trend in the field is that of surgical hair transplant procedures, and the lack of information on the topic is stopping a lot of people from opting for it. 

Whosoever is taking a step in the direction of a hair transplant surgery is taking double steps back, because of the numerous myths associated with the field. That is why we have listed a few misconceptions that need to be broken right away so that people can make the most out of the best hair transplant in India.

The misconceptions of hair transplant procedures

Before going to the subject of misconceptions about the surgery, let’s first be on the same page on its definition. The best doctor for hair transplant in India defines the procedure very clearly. Through this process, follicles of hair are extracted from a donor area of the body and then grafted to the recipient area. There are two ways to perform it –

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where a low torque small and round punch device is used to extract follicles directly from the scalp.
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), where a strip of scalp containing healthy hair is taken and then sliced to separate the follicles.

Some doctors, to perform the best hair transplant in India, use a combined FUT+FUE technique as well, where the surgery consists of the best of both worlds. Now that we are clear about what exactly is a hair transplant surgery , we can work on the misconceptions one by one.

  1. It is not for the elderly

If you are someone who believes hair transplant is not for the elderly, you are mistaken. By definition, hair transplant is all about the hair follicles, and so it doesn’t matter what the age of the patient is, as long as he or she can produce sufficient healthy donor follicles. The fact is if you are someone who wants to develop your confidence and have enough donor hair, you can comfortably go for a hair transplant. 

  1. It is meant only for men

This is a myth that has to be broken right away because women also suffer from a condition called “female pattern baldness,” which is permanent hair loss. Even during pregnancy, women suffer from temporary hair loss which can be treated with hair transplant surgery . For the women who don’t want to cut or shave their hair before their surgery, medical science has an option called a “long hair transplant” where the results are visible sooner.

  1. It provides immediate results

If you take a close look at the way the procedure works, you will see it takes a lot of time to exhibit results. The first three weeks after the treatment is crucial, as you would see a lot of newly transplanted hair shedding, but there is no need to worry as it is natural. It takes quite some time to establish the roots of the hair in the balding or thinning area, and you would not see results of the hair transplant surgery India till then. Be extremely patient with the treatment and do follow the instructions rendered to you by the best doctor for hair transplant in India to reap the optimum benefits out of the procedure.

  1. It helps grow new hair

Wrong! Well, at first glance this might seem like a fact because of the whole procedure, but the truth is that a hair transplant surgery moves hair around your scalp. Since the method takes follicles of hair from one area of the scalp and places them in another, it is using your own hair to treat you. If we talk about a healthy patient, a man usually has enough hair on the side and back of their head to support up to three successful transplants. This ensures that taking hair from the donor area would not mean building a new bald area. Only professionals who have been performing a hair transplant surgery over a period would be able to determine best if you have enough donor hair to support a surgery or not by carrying out several tests.

Conclusion: Now that you have a fair idea about what hair transplant is all about, we hope you can get out of your shell and think of getting the surgery done with a clear mind. In case you have come up with a decision, engage the services of the best doctor for hair transplant in India and treat your hair loss.